The Rapper: Tom Macdonald’s Net Worth 2024


Tom Macdonald Net Worth, Height & Age

Net Worth $120,000
Date of Birth 21st September 1988
Age 32
Height 1.85 m
Gender Male
Profession Rapper
Nationality Canadian

Tom Macdonald is an American actor who has a net worth of $120,000 in 2024. He was born on 21st September in Canada.


The music industry, one of the most inevitable platforms gaining equal importance as of the other sectors and is well-known with many successful versatile artists that take the industry to its new peak. Music is the sector that transforms, reflects, and cultivates sensationalism creating a new era. This is possible only when there are hands that toil for greater success with extraordinary music artists. One among them is Tom Macdonald, an inspirational rapper.

About Tom


Here are some insights on Tom which let you know him closely. In 1988, On September 21 was born a star whose destiny got him to be one of the successful rap stars in the world. Tom earned his career through his mile start at the age of 21. Slowly and gradually he gained equilibrium on the music platform. And today he is a pop sensation with his advanced meaningful raps. Tom is also a most inherited internet idol, who owns a YouTube channel with 2.39M subscribers and 529k followers on Instagram with hangovergang as his username. He is not only popular in Canada but his devotees are spread all over the world.

Early life and family:


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The 33-year energetic teen, Tom Mac comes from a Christian family formerly from Vancouver in Canada and lived with his mother, LeeAnn whereas his father is not known. Also has mixed ethnicity, his real name is Thomas Macdonald. Presently he lives in Los Angeles, California. His career started as a professional wrestler, “Allstar” but then his passion is what excited him to break walls and the incentive to follow his dream to be a rapper came true. His family is his priority and strength.

Career and major milestones


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Career is what made Tom a wild hip hop idol, spun his life wheel to be a music producer, songwriter, and a well-known rapper. His debut in 2014 for “LeeAnn’s Son” influenced many. Followed by ‘See you tomorrow, ‘deathreats’, ‘Dear Slim’ and so on. The evolution of his song raps created an intuitive aromatic atmosphere in the music world. He created scrupulous raps but criticism held him when he started moving the audience with his beliefs yet he faced them and win over the critics.

Mixtapes of him include ‘ Flowers of the dead ‘ which is a beautiful compilation of Tom. “Whiteboy” and “Helluvit” are the major milestones that led him to the fame world. “Fake Woke” , one among Tom’s singles, was ranked in the Billboard Hot 100. “Snowflakes” is the best among all his works which is a highly appreciated one.

Few things you should know about Tom

  • Internet breaking rap star purchased Eminem’s NFT beat worth $100,000.
  • Nova Rockfeller is Tom Macdonald’s girlfriend.
  • The work of eminent musicians like Floyd’s, Eminem, etc influenced Tom, which he declared publicly in one of the gatherings.

Tom Macdonald Net Worth 2024

To an internet-breaking sensation like Tom McDonald, YouTube is a huge source of income worth $120,000.$800k is expected to be his net worth. Rumours about Tom’s house in Los Angeles spread overtime.

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