Dame Ritter Net Worth 2024

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Damien “Dame” Ritter might not be a household name or an international hip-hop sensation, but he is looking to be much more. While we often stereotype artists as terrible business minds, Ritter sticks out as a massive anomaly.

Along with his rap game, Dame seems to have also mastered the music industry as an entrepreneur. Here we discuss all about his personal life, career, ambitions, and his net worth.

About Dame Ritter

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Damien Ritter is a multi-talented American music enthusiast. As a professional, he has been an entrepreneur, music marketer, artist manager, strategy analyst. However, he dreams of creating a dominant music label for hip-hop artists all over the world.

Ritter and his professional partner, Hospin, are the joint-founders of Funk Volume. Funk Volume is a music production and artist management firm set in Los Angeles, USA. Since its inception, the company has gone from strength to strength and works with creators such as Bigg Jah & Minks.

Early Life And Family

For someone as prone to media attention as Dame Ritter, it’s astonishing that neither his birth date or his age is out to the public. However, we do know that he was born and brought up in Los Angeles, California. Ritter himself has made it clear that he was born into a privileged and wealthy family and had a stable childhood.

As a student, Damien had always been bright and completed his Bachelor’s degree in Business from University of California, Berkeley. He then went on to Stanford University Graduate School of Business for his MBA.

After the completion of his studies, he joined Goldman Sachs as an Intermediate Analyst before moving on to his own business ideas. Damien “Dame” Ritter is coming up in the music industry with time and experience on his hands.

 Ritter’s Career And Major Milestones

In 2008, he joined forces with fellow artist Hopsin and founded the infamous Funk Volume. As a
CEO, he worked in the company for the next 8 years before resigning in 2016.

Ritter’s startup, Funk Volume was a leader among independent rap labels reaching over $4M in sales until 2012. The company also received Top 10 chart placements on Billboard and iTunes with regular high-profile write-ups in the hip-hop scene.

In 2016, Dame decided to leave his own company as rifts between him and Hopsin appeared to widen over handling of the business.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Dame Ritter

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Damien might have been an extremely intelligent student, he still found himself in trouble. Someone once accused him of gambling his belongings under the influence.

With the end of Funk Volume, Hopsin moved on to create his own brand label called “Undercover Prodigy”.

Dame Ritter has a brand new venture called The Music Entrepreneur Club which he established in September, 2017. The company focuses on imparting knowledge about the volatile market with new and upcoming artists.

Dame Ritter Net Worth 2024

With the growing influence of Funk Volume, Dame Ritter is bringing in higher and higher amounts of revenue. Damien Ritter’s net worth is over 2 Million Dollars which excludes his latest deals with Warner. Also, Funk Volume’s value has shot up to over $4 Million in 4 years of existence.

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