Kevin Parker Net Worth 2024

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“Music has a life of it’s own with the emotions of artists pouring into the concoction of reality.”
It’s impossible to define a scale for artists, but if there ever was one, Kevin Parker would be one of the most prolific in his field. With timeless tunes, one after the other, the incredible songwriter, singer, and producer has been a genuine gift to the music field.

While his music conveys so much, let’s find out more about his life, career, details, and net worth. Keep reading till the end to get to know this genius better.

About Kevin

He was born in Sydney, Australia on January 20th,1986. In the global music scene, Kevin is famous for a few stunning music productions called “Tame Impala”. While it’s not the most popular, Psychedelic music is what has made Kevin the artist that he is. Along the way, the musician has also mastered the art of playing Drums, Brass, and Guitar.

Kevin’s Early Life And Family

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Parker grew up in Perth, Australia and had a tough childhood. His parents, Jerry and Rosalind are from two different cultures. For instance, his father was from Zimbabwe while mother grew up in South Africa.

At the age of 3, Kevin’s parents got separated from each other. The troubles only grew as he had to reside with his father after turning 12. He picked up music as a hobby and that’s how the passion grew. It’s almost like Kevin put his emotions and all his heart into the music he was making, and it showed.

Career Highlights And Major Milestones

Obviously, Kevin picked up music extremely young and kept working on it as an artist. He left his law clerk desk job to find his true destination in his early 20s. As a parent, Father Jerry was protective of his son and hence skeptical about him turning all his focus to music. This consultation worked as Kevin did complete his degree in engineering to have as a backup. However, he didn’t abandon music during his time in college and that’s where the idea of Tame Impala started taking shape.

However, another tragedy struck when his father passed away. This incident turned his life and career of Kevin Parker as he moved on as a musician.

Interesting Stuff About Kevin Parker

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  • He is super-creative

He puts all his grief and hardships and periods of loneliness into the music he imagines. There’s no set process for the artist when producing music. However, a little help from substances like weed isn’t prohibited. He does lay down in ecstasy of the weed and let his ideas come to the fore.

  • He is a fan of Psychedelic Rock

Psychedelic music isn’t one of the most popular genres in general, however, it does have a cult following. While the heights of this genre were back in the 1970s, it’s still got its takers in certain pockets.

Kevin Parker Net Worth 2024

Kevin Parker has amassed a fortune for himself through music. As of 2024, the psychedelic pop artist is worth 3 Million US Dollars from his production line and album releases. However, concerts and tours also chip into the chest.

In some recent news, Kevin has reportedly purchased a mansion in Western Australia where he has set up his recording studio. The same studio was used to record his latest and upcoming album.

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