Crunchy Black Net Worth 2024


Crunchy Black is a famous rap composer and well-known for his gold albums, platinum albums, and oscar-winning songs. Most of his songs topped the Billboard Heatseekers chart. He is a highly talented rapper who composed great songs in his career. Despite odds in his life, including illegal activities, he achieved tremendous success and a fan base for his works. Want to know more about this net worth, career, and milestones? If yes, without any further ado, let’s dive in.

Who Is Crunchy Black?


Darnell Carton (a.k.a. Crunchy Black) was born on August 20, 1967, in Tennessee, USA. He is a music enthusiast who composed famous songs at a very young age. In his 19, he is the Three 6 Mafia rap group founder and his few other members. Despite his criminal background and warrant issues, he composed one of the greatest raps in the world.

Black’s Early Life & Family


Crunchy Black was too passionate and enthusiastic about rap composition at the very young age of 19. He was affected by his parent’s separation and forced him to do a few illegal activities. He has numerous allegations, felony warrants, and is also accused of domestic violence. It’s also known that he was accused of cocaine processing through several resources. Due to these illegal activities, he discontinued his education, and no information is available on the net about his personal life.

Unfortunately, at a tender age, he lost his daughter. Later in 1995, he joined the “Three 6 Mafia” rap group. After composing several breath-taking and record-breaking songs, he had a few issues with the band group mates. So, in 2006, he decided to pursue his career in music. According to a few resources, it’s known that few of his solo albums were released by the bandmates without his permission. Yet, those songs performed well and attracted a huge audience.

His Career And Milestones

Some of his career highlights and milestones include the following:

His group won an Academy Award for their best song, “It’s hard out here for a pimp.” It even won the most prestigious Oscar Award and was recognized as the second most popular hip-hop song to win the Oscar.

His initial solo album ranked #3 in the billboard’s ‘Heatseekers’ charts. Juicy J and DJ Paul released the album without his interference, and it led to several disputes.

After his first solo album, his second solo album was also released in a similar way. However, it positioned #12 on the Heatseekers chart and #10 on Top Rap Albums.

His platinum albums include “Most Known Unknown” and “When the smoke clears: sixty 6, sixty 1.” His gold albums include “Chapter 2: World Domination” and “Da Unbreakables.” Mostly, his albums were contributed by Blacks.’

His raps won several awards and honors. And today, Crunchy Black is recognized as one of the successful rappers and song composers.

Interesting Stuff About Crunchy


After he left the band, he was severely beaten in the leg and on the face.
Crunchy Balck was popularly known as a pioneer for the G-Walk, which was performed in the Memphis clubs.

Crunchy Black Net Worth 2024

His estimated net worth is around $7.9 million from his band songs as well as solo performances. He released several popular songs. Despite the odds in his career, he gave his best and continued the same in the music industry.

Written by Maki Izanova

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