Young Chop Net Worth 2024

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Are you a fan of Chief Keef raps? If so, you might have heard of Young Chop, famous for Chief Keef raps and record productions. His persistence, hardworking, and unique music beats made him popular for his works such as Love Sosa, I Don’t Like, and 3 Hunna. He adds a special magical touch to his songs and retrieves life to the words.

Do you want to know more about his personal life, less known facts, and career highlights? Also, are you curious to know Young Chop’s net worth? Yup. Here is everything that you might be interested in. So, let’s dive in.

Who Is Young Chop

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Young Chop(aka Tyree Lamar Pittman) is one of the talented artists who wrote numerous songs, raps and produced brilliant records. He gave super hit American ras to Chief Keen rapper, and then he gained immense following and attention. At present, he is in the Band Kamp records producing team. He is even a member of 3hunna recordings producing several raps on drugs, weapons, etc.

Young Chop’s Early Life & Family

Tyree Lamar Pittman was born in Southern Chicago in 1993 on November 14. Most of his personal life is unknown, such as his parents, earlier life, and qualifications. A few resources state that he was a passionate singer from a young age. He and his cousin produced multiple beats when Young Chop was 11. Chop’s cousin used to correct his recordings. He met Chief Keef via Facebook and produced several beats for him. Once the songs produced by Tyree became viral, he never looked back on his career.

His Career And Milestones

Young Chop
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A few career highlights of Tyree include the following:

Young Chop released the foremost mixtape in 2012, namely, “Back From The Dead.” The very next year, he started the chop squad. His first album was Precious that was released in 2013. After that, he released numerous albums from 2014 to 2024, including Still, Fat Gang or No Gang, Finally Rich Too in the Same Year, King Chop, Coppotelli, King Chop 2, Don’t Sleep, Comfortable, Young Godfather, etc. He also established an online website,, related to sound kits, studio accessories, and other music products.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Young Chop

Here are a few interesting facts about the Young Chop that you might be interested in.

  • He was arrested in Georgia for a probation violation. Then in 2024, the government charged him for the ruthless behavior towards his pet pup. He made the pet pup starve until its death.
  • In 2024, a group of people started shouting in front of his home. After some time, Young Chop started firing the gun. After this incident, he was traveling in an Uber, and suddenly, he was shot to kill Young Chop.

Young Chop Net Worth 2024

His net worth is $3 million from his primary income sources, such as music productions and raps.

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