Creating Your Own Custom Stickers: Tips and Tricks for a Professional Look


Are you planning to start a small business or expand the existing one? Irrespective of the purpose, here we will teach you the various ways custom stickers are helpful for a company and how you can create one for a more professional look. Through this article, business owners will utilize the potential of stickers as they are useful for all kinds of businesses and in various ways.

Custom tags are available in multiple layouts to be used for diverse pursuits. One can give them out for free or use them as coupon codes. Large personalised stickers also work adequately as product tags, add a pinch of class to the packaging, help spread the word about a charitable cause or a political campaign, are excellent for product promotions, and are suitable for advertisement while being informative.

If you’ve also decided to enjoy the advantages of custom stickers, let’s understand how you can construct one and give it a proficient look.

Nourish a Simple Idea

Tags are not supposed to be complicated, unlike a sketch. So, if you are someone who loves sketching, please don’t nourish a complex structure. Keep it as much simple as you can. Instead of the layout, experiment with colors to make your creation stand out.

Don’t include so many strokes or hues or text because you have a pamphlet for it. You can inform everyone about your brand through a brochure. So, don’t create a visually complicated design as no one has time to study a bumper sticker.

Keep your concept simple. You can even borrow the style from Instagram or Pinterest to create funny artwork.

Experiment with Shapes


For creating designs, circles, and squares are the most popular shapes. Although you may also go for a star, heart, or cross shape, they might be a little tough to remove as they may tear. So, it is more useful to stick with the basics and make the boring circle or square look as casual or professional as you want.

If you’re sticking to a non-orthodox figure, consult an expert to help you with the design. Such shapes are recommended usually when the paints are dull.

Focus on the Color & Text

To establish a powerful relationship of the sticker with your brand, use an identical color palette since you cannot include the company name in all of them. An ideal layout looks pleading to the public, displays the brand’s essence, and has its colors.

Besides the coloring, the text is also crucial. The ideal sticker format dodges the text altogether and conveys the brand’s message without words through color, shape, and illustration. But if you want to include the text, use large fonts to make it readable. You can build the design as capitalized text to make it readable and visually appealing.

Don’t Promote Every Time

If you’re a business person, you might prefer to include the company name and logo in almost every product you sell. But sometimes, you have to compromise because it can make the product look unappealing.

For instance, if you’ve purchased a funky t-shirt from a famous brand, you’d want its design to stand out instead of its brand name. If you bought a case for your mobile phone, you’d want its design to pop out instead of the brand logo. So, in such cases, brands have to compromise by not including its name.

You can also possess a way the audience finds their way back to you by adding a QR code, a social media handle, or a site address. It is an excellent way to give the audience control over why they learn more about it.

Stay Away from Detailing


Detailing is good, but not when it comes to stickers. You must have noticed that most of the time, only the simple design stands out. A complicated design or too much detailing can ruin the sticker’s potential to stand out, and sometimes it leaves the central idea behind. So, if you want the layout to work, avoid detailing and think of a way to convey the message.

Since customers have only one good look at the design, don’t deteriorate its design!

Always Use CMYK

Whether constructing a sticker for yourself or from a skilled designer, use CMYK instead of RGB. It is a no-brainer that the coloring space must be shifted from RGB to CMYK because printing uses only these four shades to form an image. If you use RGB for printing, it may not be correct.

If you have designed the layout in RGB, the printing company might decline to print it. So, to preserve everyone’s time, stick to CMYK from the start.

Use Higher Resolution

To make the sticker appear more professional, the best thing to do is design it in a high resolution. A higher resolution is also helpful when you are not sure about the design’s size. Later, you can print it on a mug, a t-shirt, and a billboard for easy promotions.

Another crucial factor is to rightly set the bleed to ensure the structure doesn’t come out rugged after print. Bleeding helps ensure the design remains in shape when it cuts. If not set correctly, the manufacturer might cut the design.

Ensure Superior Quality


Last but not least, give a sticker a professional appearance to ensure it sticks well. While it is crucial to ensure it sticks well, don’t give the customer an item that won’t even come off. So, search for adhesives with medium power.

Besides, test the quality of the vinyl before distributing your product to your audience. Since it is an elongation of your brand, ensure it gives your users the best experience.

Parting Thoughts

From your laptop to phone case, refrigerator, and backpack, you can decorate almost anything with a sticker. Since it is becoming popular among today’s generation, one must learn how to create and sell them. Whether starting a sticker business or using it as a tool to market your brand, we hope this article helps you understand the various ways to make them look more professional.

Written by Bobana Hemun

I'm Bobana Hemun, a former graduate from the Faculty of Medicine in Novi Sad, where I specialized in occupational therapy. My journey began at the Oncology Institute of Vojvodina, where I honed my skills and passion for helping others. However, my career took an unexpected turn when I discovered the dynamic world of SEO, where I now thrive.

Outside of my professional pursuits, you'll find me indulging in activities that nourish my mind and spirit. Whether it's finding serenity through yoga, immersing myself in the beauty of nature through hiking, or tending to my beloved plants, I cherish every moment spent in relaxation and rejuvenation.

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