Tangled Up in Lights? How to Properly Store and Organize Your Christmas Lights

Are you among those who love spending Christmas with your loved ones at home? Then you must be thinking of planning ahead for your coming holidays, like how to organize the big complicated bundle of Christmas lights.

Many homeowners love to decorate their houses with plenty of lighting with the assistance of Calgary Christmas lights installers, enough to cover their entire residence. However, bundles of tangled lighting can disturb your complete decoration plan. It can be time-consuming to sort them out and then keep them separately in the right place.

The good-quality Christmas decoration lights have the potential to work for many years if you store and organize them correctly. Uncertain of where to start? Bid adieu to separate confusing loops of Christmas decorative lights by glancing at the following advice.

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5 Go-To Methods For Preventing Tangles In Your Xmas Lights

Nothing in the winter holiday season is more dreamy than the warm vibes of Christmas trees’ glowing lights. However, attempting to take them from the tree and store them without the light wires becoming a huge tangled mess can bring you back to reality within no time.

That is why, if you are among those individuals who enjoy decorating your house during the holiday season, knowing how to store holiday lights will help you have a hassle-free experience every year. Below, we have made a list of the top methods to store your Christmas lights efficiently at your convenience.

However, whichever approach you go with, being kind and deliberate are the most critical aspects. You can extend the life of your lighting fixtures and make next year’s holiday season simpler by treating them gently.

Let’s get started!

1. Utilize Cable Or Twist Ties

To hold your LED lighting intact, use plastic ties, which function by winding one of the wire’s ends around the other. This technique can be incredibly helpful for stockpiling lights besides keeping them in position along stairwell banisters.

Initially, create rough loops with lights approximately 30 cm long and wrap them using your fist. Next, create a twist or fasten a cable tie at every end alongside the center. That’s it. This process will not take much time or effort from your end and will help you organize your lights well. Now, you can take a sigh of relief!

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2. Preserve The Initial Packaging

Many people consider purchasing a whole new set of lighting, perhaps to change the decoration or add a unique touch to the house during the festive season. Retain the containers if you’re purchasing new LEDs this season to replenish an outdated or defective set. The majority of light vendors package their lights with large ties, which are helpful when it comes to winding down the Holiday season decorations once more.

Of course, the box from which the lighting came out will be an ideal place to store it back, in the same way. Your lights will stay nicely distinct if you use twist ties, many of which are big enough to serve multiple purposes.

3. Clothing Hangers Often Come In Handy

Lights can be kept from becoming caught up or, even worse, crushed during the off-season by having a few extra clothing hangers in your wardrobe. The best part about this procedure is that you only require an ordinary hanger. Here is what you can do. To begin, tuck one side of the light thread into one side of the hanger’s strap holding.

Roll up the lighting vertically all around the hanger’s top and bottom. You know what you must do once you get to the other end of the light thread. There is a strap holder at the other end as well. Finish the workday by having to hang your lighting hanger from a hanging rod. The plastic hangers, which have tiny hooks along both sides, are the best for this purpose.

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4. Cardboard Hack

Although it may be enticing to proceed to wrap a thread of LEDs around your fist, eventually, as you remove your hand from the lights, tangles start to form.

The answer? Follow a similar strategy, but swap your hand for a piece of rectangle shape cardboard. Snip a slit into one end and trim it to approximately a magazine size. Put one of the lights’ ends in the notch, then cover it around the cardboard. Cover the cardboard entirely with enough light. Users can double up by intertwining a couple of strands of lights on each cardboard piece.

To hold the lights intact after you’ve finished folding, plug the loose ends together to prevent them from falling apart.

5. Grab A Used Pringles Can

Initially, consider rinsing out the can’s interior; this is not done to safeguard your lighting system but rather to prevent bugs from being drawn to your storage container if any chips are left inside. The edge of the can should then have a lateral slit cut out of it with the help of sturdy scissors. A one-inch slit is sufficient. Insert the lights from one side into the cut. Cover the can with the lights all around.

Once you cover the entire can till the end, climb back up from where you started. Put the lights’ remaining tip inside the same slit at the can’s upper edge. That’s all! To safeguard it better, conceal the can using a clothing stripe or tissue paper. After this step, your lighting will remain secure even if you keep the can away for a long time, along with other decorative accessories in a carton.

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Wrapping Up!

To experience the festive mood, you can always look at or start decorating your Christmas lights. However, the person who has been installing them for several years knows how daunting it can be to properly organize and keep the light.

So, make sure you take note of the above ideas to keep your Xmas lights from tangling while you’re hanging them up and make the upcoming holiday season joyful from beginning to end.

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