Who Are The Largest Cosmetic Distributors In The US 2024

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Cosmetics are personal care items applied to the body to nurture beauty. Different cosmetic items get differentiated into varieties used for skin care, body care, perfumes for the body, oral care, and so on.

Different products used as makeup, soaps, toothpaste, and other cosmetic items play an essential role in our life. Without it, the survival of human beings is considered next to impossible.

Many private label skin care companies manufacture cosmetic and personal care products like a third party and sell them under the retailer’s brand.

Benefits Of Private Labeling

Private labeling helps in getting excellent products with little finance. Many retailers adopt private labeling to get products at competitive prices and convert them to profits by selling under their brand name. A few of the benefits include,

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Order Minimum Quantity

Companies purchase a bulk quantity of products, keep them in stock, and need help to sell quickly. But in the case of private labeling, this is optional.

Private-label cosmetic manufacturers deliver minimum orders at a reasonable price equivalent to the wholesale price. There is no need for companies to buy bulk orders, which helps sell the existing stock inventory quickly.

The placing of small orders saves the company from a substantial financial burden.

Saves Startup Expenditure

It saves money and helps businesses profit quickly, so many pick these companies to produce cosmetic products.

Startup expenditure is a burden for new business owners. But private labeling helps make the new business a reality, which helps reduce the wastage of time and increases the quick turnaround of profit.

Production Is Controlled

Retailers have more advantages in any given situation, as it provides better production control, which financially benefits them.

They can instruct the manufacturers for multiple combinations of products in parts, different colors, and even shapes.

They Are Affordable

Manufacturing cosmetic products will be expensive because it includes other overhead expenditures too. Many companies have realized that concentrating on marketing and branding is enough to start a business.

Since private label companies manufacture, this will help the retailers get products at an affordable cost, which will be readily available whenever needed. It increases their monetary freedom.

Starting A Business Is Easy

Starting a cosmetic business becomes easy even if there are insufficient manufacturing resources. Private labeling companies can manufacture products, and the retailer can concentrate on other aspects of the business.

These labeling companies offer a competitive product and excellent quality.

The Package Is Customizable

When launching any particular cosmetic product, companies select a color from the palette and also the formulae for the product. This customizable option will be available only if private labeling companies do the manufacturing part.

It also gives a flexible option to select labels to be pasted on the product’s casing without worrying about the multiple quantities of producing the product’s lids, bottles, jars, and others.

Just create a file with the necessary label packaging details, and the production part will be taken care of by the private labeling manufacturers.

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Starting Cosmetic Distribution Business

In cosmetic item distribution, products and providing services are important factors like manufacturing.

For people having a good business sense in cosmetic products, starting a distribution will bring in many income opportunities because of the demand for such products in the long run. Tips for cosmetic distribution business are,

Decide The Product

The most important aspect of starting a distributorship in cosmetic products is deciding which products get distributed.

Search the beauty industry market to know which cosmetic product is in demand. If the need for any product is high, it will sell more, increasing the market share and the distributor’s profits.

Research The Market

Companies will have to do thorough market research before launching any product. This research will help in knowing more details and demand for the product.

It also helps in knowing the various distribution chains available for that particular cosmetic product, which will assist in analyzing the competitor’s strategy for the same products.

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Understanding Distributor Mode

It is essential to understand the distributor’s engagement mode with the manufacturer. After deciding on the cosmetic product and the private labeling company, the prospective distributor should know the terms and conditions that are to follow to start and run a successful business.

Try to get information from the labeling company about the distribution modes like – profit margins, which location to operate, space requirements, and so on. Everything should be made crystal clear and put in an official document to avoid any problems that may arise in the future.

Look For Warehouse Space

After doing everything, a time for self-evaluation comes: storing space for the goods, for which a warehouse space is necessary.

The total quantity of products bought needs to be displayed in the showroom. For storing products, warehouse space should be there, from where distribution starts.

Largest Cosmetic Distributors In The US

Nowadays, it has become a fashion and a trend for organic and natural cosmetic products. Everyone loves to buy quality and safe items, which the distributors must match to sustain themselves in this competitive market.

It will be possible only by true collaboration between retailers and private labeling manufacturers. Few of the largest cosmetic distributors are

Wholesale 55

Source: eworldtrade.com

Based in Miami, Florida, America, it deals in cosmetics, fragrances, and clothing products. Their products include items from Beauty Creations, Kara Beauty, City Color Cosmetics, and others.

The company has been in the market for nineteen years.

Cosmetix Club Corp

Many retailers and other online stores sell Cosmetic Club items. They have been in the market for more than ten years.


Source: eworldtrade.com

Based in Downey City, Los Angeles, they have been in the cosmetic industry since 2006, providing quality products at a competitive price.


The most significant cosmetic wholesalers in America have been in the cosmetic industry for the last 36 years. They feature many famous brands.

They provide a good quality organic cosmetic product.

Novopac Laboratories Inc

Source: novapaclabs.com

They have been in the business for more than twenty-five years. The New Jersey department of health has licensed its manufacturing facilities.


People have been using cosmetic products for many unaccountable years, and most consumers prefer organic or natural ones.

Many online and offline companies use private labeling manufacturers, which allows the retailers to sell the product under their brand names along with control over the price of the product, its production quantity, and the branding and marketing of the product.

Even though the industry is growing, the public is more interested in getting the best quality products from known retailers and distributors.

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