How To Create Custom Kiss Cut Stickers In 5 Easy Steps

Labels and stickers are in widespread use today. Some of those we use only as decoration and they can be so much fun – and sometimes they have an informative character and a serious role. The ways in which we are creating and producing such stickers today are numerous. However, we mostly tie them to work on special machines for that type of cutting. Did you ever hear about the kiss-cut technology in producing labels and stickers? We will explain what kiss-cut stickers are and how you can create them in a few simple steps.


Stickers And Their Purpose

Nowadays, stickers are widely used for various purposes. They are also one of the most interesting advertising materials. That’s why it’s not surprising they are often used by brands of various industries for promotion. However, they can also have a purely decorative function – all according to the wishes and needs of the client. Also, they are very applicable in the food industry – as well as the industry of technical goods, chemicals, and other products. Today, the production of labels can be done by using the most modern printers as well as cutting machines. In addition to classic ones, we can also create and print personalized stickers. The thing is, they are increasingly popular and more frequently requested by customers. They are usually irregularly shaped, and made in full color – of course, according to the wishes of the client.

Kiss-Cut: What Kind Of Stickers Are Those?

Sometimes, according to our work or needs, we need to have more stickers per 1 sheet that we can easily peel off. One such example is using stickers for Easter eggs. We may have a dozen or more labels on one sheet of paper, depending on their size. So we can say that the kiss-cut technique involves cutting the lines of images on a single sheet of paper. Then these stickers can be easily detached from the substrate and used – and the paper will remain intact. You may also create a large number of cutouts on 1 sheet. Clients usually opt for the shape and number of cuts per 1 sheet. Certainly, this technology is more difficult to apply without the existence of special machines for such cutting. The machines help us make the cuts precise, the lines straight – and also make the design interesting and original. Therefore, it is not surprising that today we have so much different sizes and shapes when it comes to making stickers.

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Creating Custom Kiss Cut Stickers

According to, if you need custom kiss cut stickers for business or promotional purposes – it is best to hire professionals. First of all, working on professional machines offers perfect precision – but also efficiency, which is a very important factor for business people. However, when we speak about custom stickers, you should know they can be made by DIY option. In a few steps, you can get kiss-cut stickers that come off easily. And that’s not all. You may also design them in any size or shape. How to do it? Most use Adobe Illustrator when making a kiss cut sticker. Here is how you can create them in 5 steps.

1. Get the material you need

Of course, once you create your kiss-cut stickers, you have to cut them from the sheet. Most people will do it in a printing house where they already have everything prepared – and where they can also expect experienced designers who will turn their ideas into reality. However, if you decide on the “home option” of making kiss-cut stickers – make sure you get all the material you need in time. Most of this material can be found in well-stocked office stores.

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2. Develop an idea: What kind of stickers do you want to make?

When working with kiss-cut stickers, the ideas and your needs are the most important. Depending on what you need the stickers for, the design will also depend. Let’s say you need promo stickers for your company. Then, most owners make stickers with the company’s logo. It’s a relatively easy job. Just enter an image of your logo and that’s it. However, there are other options when you need kiss-cut stickers for other purposes. If you want to make fun and cheerful stickers of different shapes – then you must have a clear idea of which images or shapes you want to cut. You can create these thumbnails yourself using, for example, Adobe Illustrator – or you can present your ideas to printing professionals. Experienced designers sometimes know how to further enhance your basic ideas with their suggestions. Therefore, this is always a more desirable option if you want your kiss-cut stickers to look really nice.

3. Prepare images for your future stickers

If you have already designed thumbnails that will serve as a form for stickers, you must also prepare images for printing. This means carefully measuring the space on the sheet and creating a kiss cut. A kiss-cut creation involves determining where you will place a particular shape that will follow the line once when you peel off the sticker and detached it from its substrate. If this sounds a little complicated – you’re right. For this part of the work, you need to master Adobe Illustrator and know how to do print preparation precisely.


4. Printing

If you have decided to create kiss-cut stickers yourself at home – then you will need an inkjet color printer. You also need to know how to use photo editing programs. Note that some printers do not print in white. Therefore, it is best to arrange the areas that are painted in white to be light gray – so that the printer can recognize them. This is another reason why it is always better to use professional services.

5. Cutting

If you did everything right, after printing, you only have to cut the stickers. Only?! If you have not hired a printing house, you have to do this part of the work yourself. This means using scissors and doing the precise cutting. Now imagine that you have 12 stickers on one sheet. They need to be cut very precisely because of their size. And what if you need to cut a hundred or more stickers? It is a very tedious job that can take a lot of time. Therefore, the help of professionals is always recommended. Namely, in printing houses, people do this with the help of special machines for precise cutting. That way, hundreds and thousands of stickers can be cut in a very short time. So think twice about it before you start.

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If you have enough patience or just want to make something creative yourself – then kiss-cut stickers can be made at home. You need to have some basic prior knowledge of using image programs, buy adequate material, and get to work. However, if, like most stickers, you need them for promotional or business purposes, it is a far better and quicker option to leave the job to professionals. There is almost no possibility of error. However, the choice is only yours.


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