13 Important Questions to Ask Your Pool Builder Before Hiring

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The decision to build a new house is always a beautiful and joyful event in a family. This means that we are situated enough that our budget can bear such an expense. Building a house is a serious and extensive job, and in addition to high costs, it also brings a significant level of stress. When our new house was finished, we started beautifying the yard and realized that it would be ideal to make a swimming pool. Provided that we have money left and that we have enough space to accommodate the pool in the yard, the decision on that investment is a new challenge that lies ahead.

Before we start construction, you should ask the following questions:

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1.What will be the purpose of the pool?

This first question is something you need to answer. Is it just recreational, light swimming or sun-bathing. Do we do sports and we need a pool of larger size, regular shape and deep enough for training. Do we have children, how old are they, do they know how to swim and do we need shallow and fenced places intended for them.

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2. Is my yard suitable for a pool?

Is there enough space, hours of sunshine, is the ground rocky, sandy… is it flat or has a slope.

3. Where will it be located?

Building laws have their own rules on the construction and location of the pool. Permission from the competent authorities is required. Attention must be paid to installations and pipes where there is gas, electricity, water. We must not dig in such a way as to damage the foundations of our own or our neighbor’s house.

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4. What will be the shape?

This belongs to the domain of both functionality and aesthetics, so it would be good to consult an expert, look at the offers and ideas and fit the look of the pool in the style of the house and yard.

5. What materials will you use?

When deciding on the shape and style of the pool, the type of material to be used will be imposed. Make an agreement on who buy the material, whether the contractors or you, yourself. Specify the type, quantity, color and be sure to buy the material in the checked places. The pool is not made every day, pay more and invest in quality material, so you don’t regret it when it’s all over. Arrange for transport, and provide enough space in the yard to store everything you need. Remove unnecessarily, allow unobstructed access to construction machines.

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6. How long have you been in business?

It is necessary to get acquainted in detail and thoroughly with the previous projects that the people you plan to engage in have worked on. They need to document their claims, show you photos, describe their experiences and provide evidence of expertise.

7. Do you have any recommendations?

Serious contractors, such as pool builders, will not mind contacting their previous clientele. To make sure how satisfied they are with the final product, the price, the skill of the work and the duration of the whole endeavor. When you visit website of the serious pool builders like capitalcountrypools.com.au you will right away see testimonials page.

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8. How much will it all cost?

It is very important, at the beginning, to reach an agreement on the price of the works, make the projected costs and leave one part for unforeseen situations. Define clearly and do not allow the addition of hidden costs, as well as improvisation and subsequent price increases.

9. Do I get a warranty and how long is it?

The guarantee is also an important item in the agreement and decision on the selection of the team. One who is sure of his expertise will have no problem providing a written and certified guarantee. This significantly raises confidence and confidence that we can turn around again if something goes wrong.

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10. Do you meet special requirements?

In case we have special requirements and a sufficient budget, we must agree on this in advance. It is not wise, nor practical, to waste time and money on the subsequent explanation of one’s own desires. It is possible that not everyone is up to our aesthetic ideas, so it is necessary to elaborate plans in detail that concern our desires and present them at the beginning of the work.

11. Are you insured?

Insurance spoke of the seriousness of a firm. One ho cares about the health and well-being of his team, he can expect maximum dedication, as well as reputation with clients and competitors. It is also necessary to inquire about this, because an injury at work, especially a seasonal, unregistered worker, can bring you trouble, costs and significant problems with the law and inspection.

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12. What is the deadline for completion of works?

Deadline and completion of works is something that interests us at the very beginning. Months of living with a pile of earth, dust, excavators and yard workers do not suit anyone. There are always unforeseen events and complications, changes in the field plan, but the approximate deadline by which the pool must be completed is necessary.

13. What will the cooperation look like?

This is by no means to be ignored. There are people whom, from the start, we trust, they keep promises, deadlines, contracts. It is easy for us to communicate and cooperate with them. Of course, there are those who are more nonsensical about everything, although that does not mean that they are bad and unprofessional workers. It would be ideal to combine the characteristics of capable, hard-working workers and our quality communication with them. Although there would be a misunderstanding or conflict, one should not raise tension and expand the conflict, but, on the contrary, calm the passions and try to turn everything to a constructive agreement.

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Building a pool requires patience, money, as well as the skill of negotiating and expressing your own ideas and demands. We need to think carefully about what we want, not change our minds and change plans during work. Some things may not be as we imagined. Not because of someone’s incompetence, but simply because of the dictates of the field or something else. Something may be even better, nicer and more functional. We have to wait for that wonderful day, when we will jump into our own personal pool, swim, sunbathe, sip lemonade and enjoy our great endeavor, which we have finally completed.

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