How Do You Style a Room With a Persian Rug – 2024 Guide

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While there are many modern ways to design your living room, retro style is always a trend. When it comes to rugs, we can notice that the most attractive models are oriental style, especially Persian. There are many advantages of choosing this option. First of all, the unique design can be combined with different outlines and both modern and antique furniture.

Also, we have to mention the incredible quality, resistance, comfort, and appearance. If you are interested in buying a Persian rug, visit Moreover, before you choose a model, it is essential to consider how to combine it with the furniture in your room. Here is a guide that will help you to choose the right model.


Choose a Compact Design

This is the easiest solution when you are looking for a new rug. You will have to choose the model with colors and patterns that are similar to other things in the living room. You don’t need to focus only on furniture since you can make it compact with the colors of the walls and ceiling, pictures, and more. In most cases, people will choose a model that will appear suitable with furniture. Also, the color of the floor can be an important factor as well. For instance, if you have brown wooden notes, you should choose the same for the rug. On the other hand, red notes will appear perfect on darker notes of the floor.


It is Perfect for Minimalistic Style

It is one of the most popular design trends in recent years to avoid putting too many pieces of furniture and decoration in the living room. The room will appear more comfortable and relaxing when there are not so many things around you. Also, it will be much easier for you to keep it clean. When it comes to rugs, you can choose a smaller model and place it in the middle of the room. The size should be enough to cover only the parts of the floor, while furniture is not placed over the rug.

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Choose the Right Size

As we already mentioned, it is common for minimalistic decor to use smaller rugs in the room. However, you can experiment with different models as well. It is a popular solution to buy a bigger model and cover the whole floor with it. The great feature is that many models of Persian rugs could fit perfectly with both retro and modern designs of furniture. Because they have great resistance, you don’t need to worry that the heavier pieces will damage them over time. Still, it is crucial to measure the size of your living room before buying any model.

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Select the Right Pattern

The most important thing when choosing the rug is the select the one with the pattern that will fit properly in the living room. It might get hard to make the right choice because there are so many different colors and patterns available. However, you should pick one according to your preferences. In case that you prefer a minimalistic design, choose one with brighter colors. That will fit perfectly with white or beige furniture. On the other side, if you have art-deco furniture and lots of pictures on the walls, along with various decorations like chandeliers, candles, and more, you can choose colorful model rich with patterns. It will leave an amazing impact on the appearance of the room.

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Most Popular Models

As we already mentioned, there are numerous models of these rugs available on the market, which can make it more complicated to make the right choice. Therefore, we made a selection of some of the most popular versions.

  • Ahar; In most cases, this model has a smaller size, which makes it perfect for the entrance area, or to place under the club table in the living room. The patterns are moderate and geometric focused on the circle in the middle.
  • Ardabil; This is a more luxurious version, and the best choice is to combine it with antique furniture. It will leave a big impact on the whole room with its bright notes of blue and red.
  • Bakhtiari; There are different versions of this model, but in most cases, it has geometry or animals printed on it. The great thing is that you can find it in different sizes, while the design can be suitable with various combinations.
  • Heriz; In case that you have white or beige furniture, brighter colors on walls, and brown floors, this can be the perfect solution if you need a rug in your living room. However, you have to know that this model is much more expensive due to its incredible quality and design.
  • Ishafan; This is another famous model which represents the role model for Persian rugs, and most people will think of this style when we mention rugs in the first place. You can find it in different sizes. Still, the main issue is that there are many fake models available on the market. Therefore, be sure to buy only from reliable and well-known stores.
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Small Runners and Side Rugs

Another excellent option is to experiment with different sizes and place more than one rug in the living room. You can do that by adding side rugs and runners around the room. For example, you can buy a rug and place it under the club table, and another side rug that will be placed in front of the shelves or TV. You can choose different models or the same version.

Last Words

When it comes to Persian rugs, the most important thing is to avoid unknown stores that might be selling fake copies with poor quality. You can experiment with different designs but never rush with the final decision. You can find various models online and try to determine which one will be the best solution in your room. When it comes to quality, these rugs represent one of the best in the world. The maintenance is simple as well.

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