7 Signs Your Pool Builder Might Be Scammy or Just Plain Incompetent

Today, there are more and more victims of scammy and incompetent constructors. The reason is mostly because customers tend to be naive. There are a lot of fraudsters who will present themselves as experts, but in fact they do not have a license and no one has heard of them. Of course, things like this can be checked and never show confidence if you have no basis for it. Scammy swimming pool contractors have become a common occurrence and that is why it is important to take all precautions.

Otherwise, you can lose thousands of dollars and a large part of your yard. Terrible things really happen to people just because they haven’t researched enough about the company they’ve worked with. Things like this happen, and that is exactly the reason why we do not believe everything they tell us. Consider these facts and read a short list that can help you recognize fraud in time.

1. Money in advance

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If your potential pool builder insists that you give him money before the work is completed, you should stop working with him. It may really be an expert who simply has his own business system, but you can also take risks and some unpleasant situations happen to you. For example, he may end up doing a very bad job or disappear with money. You can never know, because an expert like this certainly does not instill confidence in you.

2. Non-compliance with the agreement

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For example, after all the arrangements you have managed to state all the requirements and the pool builder is willing to fulfill them. Given that both sides agreed, it is time to sign the agreement. Sometimes you may notice that most of your requirements are not actually on the list and then the following happens… Pool builder tries to convince you that everything is fine and tells you that he will eventually make sure everything is as you agreed. Think about why your requests are not listed and how much you can actually trust a person who has not complied with you.

Of course you can’t. There are few such experts who will fulfill what they have said. Most of them are not responsible enough if they did not do this formal part well. Such pool builders can only tell you at the end that they did not include these add-ons in the price. This way you will have double the cost.

3. Lack of licence and work permit

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This kind of profile pool builder will most likely tell you that it does not need a work permit. They may even give you a worthless piece of paper, but don’t fall for it. Every real expert will have all the needed documents on the basis of which you will be able to trust them. So check the company well before arranging cooperation.

4. Additional costs

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In order not to pay additional costs in the middle of the work, it is best to inform yourself in time. For example, you can start work and the pool builder suddenly requires some additional materials. The reasons can be many. He will probably complain about the poor condition of the yard or invent some problem with the installation, tools, etc. You can save yourself from this by asking the company to estimate the place where you want to put the pool and a detailed work plan. It is an opportunity to insure yourself when it comes to materials and costs. Serious companies will definitely offer you the ability to predict costs. You should definitely use this so that you do not experience unpleasant surprises.

5. Unknown pool builder

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People usually research the company before contacting it. As the easiest and fastest type of check, they mostly use reviews or recommendations. Visit compasspools.com.au and see how review section should look like. However, don’t always trust the recommendations, just check online just in case. If you simply cannot find any comments or any valid information about the company, it is best to stay away. When the situation is like this and no one has heard of this company, we are sure that they cannot provide you with what you need. Either way, the best way to check out a company is to look for their license.

This way you will be completely sure that they are legal and responsible. Another thing you need to keep in mind is good comments. They are desirable, but not the only authoritative ones. You cannot rely solely on them. There are a million ways for a company to remove them in time for you not to find them or to ban this type of commenting. Be careful.

6. Unrealistic discount

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We all like to buy at low prices and that is why we enjoy discounts. They mostly motivate us to buy, etc. However, when investing in such a large project you need to be aware of one thing. A pool builder that offers you a very deep like can be questionable. Of course, some works have cheaper alternatives and each company has its own work policy. On the other hand, it can be a sign of poor quality. Keep in mind that every company’s goal is to make a profit. This can mean that you will get extremely poor quality if you agree to this discount.

7. Bad portfolio

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Every experienced expert should have a lot of evidence of previous work he has performed. Feel free to insist that you get from the company every pool design they have done, because if they are really professional, they will be honored to show you. However, if all you get is actually an old-fashioned site with a few basic photos, you may be suspicious. Remember that you need an experienced company that has previously successfully designed and built.


So, cheating can really cost you dearly. This does not only apply to the money you paid to the company that cheated you. In addition, you will have to pay new experts who will repair the damage they have done to you, and it can be serious. Incompetent ones are not better than scammy ones, remember that. We hope we’ve helped you find out in time if you’re dealing with a real or fake pool builder.

Written by Anita Kantar

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