Are Self-cleaning Swimming Pools Worth the Extra Money?

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Swimming pools have always been status symbols; especially in today’s world, they add the golden feather to your hat. It is the location of fun pool parties or activities for relaxation during evenings or mornings.

There are many types of swimming pools depending on your needs and every pool requires a different type of maintenance. This maintenance can get very hectic and stressful soon. A good pool that is used a lot or even kept for aesthetic purposes mandates proper cleaning. The cleaning has to be regular, efficient, and quick.

If you are hiring someone for the job, then you have to check for their skills and train them properly. They would also need a lot of tools and this can be quite a burden on your wallet. Nowadays, robotic cleaners are making an appearance where they automate the work of your swimming pool maintenance worker.

This is also quite costly, and the robots themselves need maintenance! So, what are other options?

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Enter Self-Cleaning Swimming Pools!

Self-cleaning swimming pools are the most sought-after technology. It has been there in the market for quite some time but now has improved a lot! It is also called the in-floor pool cleaning system which makes the pool clean itself from time to time on its own.

This works by using pop-up cleaners that rise from the bottom floor panels and scout the waters for dirt and debris. They capture whatever material is dirtying the pool and take it inside by retracting. These are set up during the construction of the pool and now come as a package deal with pool installation. To get an idea about this concept, visit here.

These pop-up self-cleaners are numerous; around 15-18 would be present and are scattered evenly across the whole pool area. These won’t get in the way of you swimming or taking a dip and working when required.

The mechanism by which they work is also quite interesting. There is a common main drain that provides suction, and around them are units that release pressurized water that strategically directs dirt and debris in a relay manner which ends up in the suction area. The dirt that is sucked is stored in another compartment. This allows for easy disposal of the waste.

So, this is a different way of handling pool cleaning. Does automated pool cleaning even work? How can it be more efficient than manual cleaning?

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Advantages of self-cleaning pools

1. The amount of time saved

Generally, pool cleaning takes half a day or even a whole day depending on the size of the pool. People tend to work together and collectively clean the pool. This requires planning, strategy, and lots of manual labor, which costs time.

With a self-cleaning system installed, depending on the size of the pool, it would just take a matter of 10- 15 minutes for a thorough pool cleaning of an average-sized swimming pool. The duration can be adjusted to suit the intensity of cleaning, but it won’t cross more than two hours for sure! This would save you a lot of time and effort.

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2. Single installation, no extra equipment necessary

A normal pool cleaning session requires the necessary chemicals, tools, filter nets, which require frequent cleaning and replacement. This system, however, just requires a single installation. In fact, if you have installed this while building the pool, you will have no stress whatsoever! It doesn’t require any follow-up equipment. The only thing it would need is periodic cleaning of the debris bag and general servicing once in three years.

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3. Versatility

This type of system can be installed for any type of swimming pool. There are various options for swimming pools now; like fiberglass, vinyl, concrete, tiled, and all of them can integrate this system seamlessly. It only takes a few tweaks but that can be discussed with the installer and manufacturer. You do not have to worry about the pool type or shape being incompatible with a self-cleaning pool system; they all work amazingly.

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4. Clutter-Free

Many people love their pools, clear and “effortless”. This means that it shouldn’t have a lot of equipment near it that keeps it clean. People who generally host parties and get-togethers at the poolside prefer no clutter around. Hence, this caters perfectly to their needs. This system ensures that they get their pool clean and retain the aesthetic look too.

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5. Easy regulation of the controls

The controls of this system are very simple. Since the engineering of this setup is perfectly designed, all you have to do is regulate the pressure of the valves, water force, and the redirection of debris to the suction drain to either increase or decrease the intensity of cleaning. That’s it. Robotic cleaners require some amount of effort to control what you want and manual cleaning has to handle everything from beginning to end. Here, the water manipulation by the high-pressure valves cleans the debris. This is so effortless and quick.

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These are the advantages that self-cleaning pools provide to the people who install them in their pools. With time being highly in demand, and quality manual labor getting very hard to find, these are newer and more reliable ways to ensure a spotless-looking pool.

Pool maintenance can be really tough, but there are so many options now that you can avail yourself. Self-cleaning pools are futuristic and highly effective in making sure your pool is clean at all times. You don’t even have to schedule times or worry about cleaning timings, a click is all it takes and all the dirt and debris literally goes down the drain!

So, are self-cleaning swimming pools worth the extra money? We think so. The extra money you put actually is a long-term investment! The advantages of self-cleaning swimming pools far outweigh the cons. You would not have to spend on equipment or yell at your swimming pool maintenance person, all it takes is just a little whoosh across your pool when you want your pool clean.

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