6 Reasons Why Plunge Pools Are Great for Small Backyards

Having a pool in your backyard can be a great way to cool off during the hot summer days or create a central part where you can lie down and relax, or hang out with your friends. However, if you have a small backyard, you may think that a swimming pool is not a very practical solution. Well, there is an alternative that is becoming more and more popular nowadays, and that is plunge pools! They are a great replacement for standard pools, because they do not take up much space, and they provide you with all the benefits you could wish for. That is why today we discuss more about plunge pools and listing some of the main reasons why plunge pools are a great choice for small backyards.

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What are plunge pools?

Plunge pools are a new, popular type of pool that is not intended for swimming and water sports, but for relaxing, lounging and enjoying the water. We can say that they represent a beautiful aesthetic addition to your yard that does not take up much space and allows you to relax to the maximum after a long day or enjoy spending time with family and friends. Plus, they are safe for children and they just love them!

Why plunge pools can be a great choice for small backyards?

1. They save space

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If you don’t have a spacious yard it can be very challenging (and often completely impossible) to fit a pool into that space. However, there are now alternatives available that are small backyard friendly. If you have always dreamed of having a pool in your home, where you gather with friends and family and cool off during the hot summer days, you do not have to despair because now you can get a plunge pool that takes up very little space. The average length is up to seven meters, and the width is about three meters. The depth of the plunge pool varies, so you can choose shallower or deeper depending on your wishes and needs. If you have a small backyard we recommend you learn more about the characteristics of plunge pools and decide whether they are the right fit for you.

2. They are a nice aesthetic addition to your yard

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There are many ways you can contribute to the better aesthetics of your small yard, and installing a plunge pool is one of them. Best of all, these pools are not only there to look beautiful, but also have a practical purpose. You and your family will enjoy them, especially the youngest members. And it is certain that all your friends will be left breathless when they see this beautiful, interesting asset that makes your home look much prettier and luxurious.

3. Plunge pools are safe for small children

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In case you have small children, owning a pool in the yard can be a double-edged sword. You never know what your kids will try when you are not watching them and whether some kind of incident will happen, which is the biggest nightmare for every parent. With plunge pools, you do not have this type of stress, because they are very small, and you can choose the depth yourself depending on what you think is the best option for your family. In this pool, children can play carefree, and you will easily monitor them, so the chances of any unwanted events are reduced. These pools are a great choice for the whole family because everyone can enjoy them, regardless of age.

4. Perfect place for relaxation

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Plunge pools will become your favorite place to relax after a hard day or simply enjoy the sun, music and a delicious cocktail. You choose how you will use this asset in your home. If you are not a fan of swimming and spending hours playing water games, but just want to take a comfortable place and enjoy the peace, this is the right choice for you. These pools have large seating areas, benches, and other accessories that will ensure that you are comfortable while cooling off in the water.

5. Environment-friendly

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Unlike large pools that take up huge space, plunge pools are much more environment friendly, for several different reasons. First of all, for these small pools you need to use less water, and you also need much less chemicals to keep them clean and safe. In addition to this, you will use less energy to heat the water, which is also one of the ways to take more care of nature. This way you protect the environment and minimize the negative impact on it. Plunge pools are a much better choice if you take care of the planet, which we definitely recommend.

6. Quick and easy to install

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Installing a swimming pool can take days, and sometimes even weeks, to complete successfully. With plunge pools, everything will be done in just a day or two (of course, if your installer does his job efficiently enough). Also, the installation is very simple, which means that it will cost you less. With these pools, you won’t need to have people in your yard for days, which usually means you also need to be present all the time to supervise the work. Plunge pools enable everything to be done in the shortest possible time, which means that in a day or two you will be able to enjoy in your new pool and all the benefits it provides.

Conclusion: Having a pool in your backyard is a lot of fun, practical, and can be a reflection of luxury and good taste. However, if you have a small yard, it can be very challenging to fit a pool into it, at least when we are talking about large swimming pools. However, nowadays there is a more practical alternative, and that is plunge pools that fit perfectly into a small space. They are light and easy to install, safe for children and a wonderful aesthetic addition to your home. It will provide maximum relaxation and enjoyment in the summer days, both for you and your family members.

Written by Anita Kantar

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