What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Fiberglass Pool

There is a myriad of perks to owning your own pool, some of which include the aesthetics of your home, health, wellness,  and increased property value. When you pick out a pool for your backyard you would want one that is long-lasting, since it is usually a once-in-a-lifetime investment.

When it comes to the life expectancy of a fiberglass pool or any pool for that matter we have to look into the quality of the fiberglass manufacturer. When you are looking for a quality manufacturer you would want to opt for someone like donehuesleisure.com.au such that you rest assured about their expertise and quality product outputs.

Reputed companies like this can help project their expertise to your backyard pool such that you can enjoy a lavish world-class experience.

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Why Choose a Fiberglass Pool?

Before we can get into the specifics of the life expectancy of a fiberglass pool we will want to understand why we should get a fiberglass pool.

Fiberglass pools come with a non-porous surface that is resistant to algae and ensures a low running maintenance cost. These pools have been crafted for durability and can last quite a while! When it comes to other pool models like vinyl and concrete there is usually some issue or the other.

For instance, vinyl pools have an issue with durability and concrete pools are quite difficult to maintain. Hence, when we are talking about durability or strength fiberglass pools are the way to go!

It’s not only for utility and maintenance purposes but fiberglass pools also have a visually appealing outlook to them. Most of the time, we will be able to customize them just the way we want; sometimes even incorporating lights, water features, and colored finishes.

Finally, it comes down to installation time too! An average fiberglass pool takes somewhere between 3 to 6 weeks to install. This is quite good considering that the average concrete pool can take somewhere around 6 months.

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How Long Do Fiberglass Pools Last?

You can expect your fiberglass pool to last anywhere between 30 – 50 years. Why do we have such a big range? Well, this is because there are multiple factors that impact its overall lifespan. To start off, all fiberglass pools are not the same and their life expectancy can vary drastically based on the manufacturer. But the other factor ultimately comes to how you maintain your pool.

With that, let’s take a dive into the pool of factors that affect the life of your fiberglass pool!

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The Way It Was Manufactured

The main difference in the quality of the pools comes from the materials used during the manufacturing process. It also seems to come down to the workmanship abilities of the crew assembling your pool, the laminate schedule, and the processes implemented to apply these laminates.

Each of these factors can be equally essential and must be at their optimal settings if you hope to ensure the longest life for your pool.

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The Way You Maintain It

True, the manufacturing process involved helps ensure a longer life span, but ultimately it comes to you to take care of it.

There are fiberglass pools out there that don’t seem to have aged a day from their installation even after a decade, but there are also pools that seem to be too far gone after just 4 or 5 years.

You can usually maintain a fiberglass pool quite easily, but the main thing to ensure is that you actually go about taking care of it. This means ensuring consistent chemical levels, regular skimming, and scrubbing, removing some of the debris before running the filter.

The only way you can pull the longest life expectancy from your pool is to ensure that you also do your part to keep it well-maintained.

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The Way It is Installed

A pool could be perfectly manufactured and carefully maintained but things can fall apart quite quickly if it is not installed properly. You would want only a trusted, and experienced installation crew working on your pool.

This is essential not only for the long life of your fiberglass pool but also because you do not want to be faced with issues like cracks, and water leakage.

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A Few Miscellaneous Tips For Fiberglass Pool Care

There are just a few basic things you will want to ensure when taking care of your fiberglass pool.

  • Fiberglass pools should never be drained fully
  • Let the filter run at least one full cycle every 24 hours
  • Don’t abuse harsh chemicals not designed for fiberglass pools
  • Ensure chemicals remain at the right levels
  • pH value of the pool should be as close to 7 as you can get
  • The water level should be maintained halfway through the skimmer
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Do I Need To Refinish My Fiberglass Pool?

Due to the long-lasting nature of a fiberglass pool, you usually don’t have to worry about the refinishing expenses when buying the pool itself. Usually, this requirement comes to light after around 25 or 30 years into your pool’s life.

Even at the refinishing state fiberglass pools seem to outshine that of a concrete or vinyl pool. This is because concrete pools require acid washing and vinyl pool liners tear easily. However, fiberglass pools are made with a durable gel coat they can go quite a while without having to be refinished.

Summing It Up

If you are looking for a long-term investment that requires little to no maintenance then fiberglass pools are your best bet. If you take the proper steps and do your due diligence to find the proper manufacturing and installation team you are pretty much all set.

You will also want to take the right maintenance steps and measures if you are truly ready for an immersive swimming pool experience. A pool can really elevate your backyard lifestyle if you are looking for a weekend barbecue-style extravaganza or year-end blow-out pool parties.

Either way, all you have to remember is that your fiberglass pool will take care of you and your needs if you give it the attention it needs.

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