Is Amish Furniture Worth the Extra Cost

Time and time again you might have found yourself looking at Amish furniture online to buy for your home and thought to yourself “But oh, this is so expensive! Is it really worth the price?” We won’t deny, Amish Furniture is expensive. However, the answer to the question “Is it worth it?” Yes, Amish furniture is worth every penny you spend on it and for good reason.

It is true that you can buy several pieces of cheap furniture at the price of one customized Amish furniture set but ask yourself – in the long run, is it worth it? Would you rather have several pieces of furniture sets that will break down at the first chance they get or a reliable, antique, and hand-crafted piece of furniture that will last down several generations in your family? Factors like these are what you need to consider when buying furniture for your house to ensure that you and your family are happy and comfortable with the choice.

According to, Amish furniture can be the finest hand-crafted addition to your house and look beautiful enough to be fine works of art. Amish furniture is also more sustainable and can last down from one generation to the next generation and beyond without any problem. When you think about Amish furniture, you mustn’t think about the price as the first thing. Think of the actual value you are getting at that price.

In this article, we’ll tell you exactly if Amish furniture is worth the cost or not. These factors will tell you how Amish furniture balances its cost and quality to deliver the best products for you.

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Amish furniture is entirely hand-crafted from scratch

Nothing shouts premium and classic louder than hand-crafted furniture and Amish furniture achieves exactly that. Each set and piece of Amish furniture is made from a woodworker’s hands using decades-old techniques like mortise and tenon. These techniques are practiced by Amish woodworkers for generations and they have refined them to perfection.

Hand-crafted furniture guarantees that when you buy Amish furniture, you appreciate the sweat and toil of the woodworker that went into it and condemn the mass-produced profit-driven furniture made in factories. This gives your furniture a unique feel that leads to an emotional attachment that lasts for decades. Hand-crafted furniture also guarantees that whatever furniture you buy has been checked for quality thoroughly and given proper maintenance can assure you that it will last for a long, long time.

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It’s eco-friendly and helps you save the environment

How many factory furniture makers can guarantee that their furniture is not made from mass deforestation? Not many. Now, how many Amish furniture makers can guarantee that their furniture is made in reserved quantities of wood from a forest well-cared and well-nourished for? The answer is – almost all of them.

Amish woodworkers have worked with trees and wood all their life and you’ll seldom find people who are this attached to nature and actually care for the environment. Amish woodworkers have always practiced eco-friendly practices from the start. They cut trees only in reserved quantities, and ensure their forest never runs out of trees by replanting from time to time. If you too want to buy furniture that helps preserve our mother earth and the nature around us, then you should definitely consider buying Amish furniture.

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The best quality finishes and end products

Quality is the nickname of Amish furniture. As stated earlier, each set of furniture is made through the meticulous efforts of hand-crafting woodworkers. They keep an eagle eye over the furniture to ensure it’s without any flaw and quality degradation. The result? Products with such amazing wood quality that they are hard to find anywhere else.

Amish woodworkers also ensure to finish the furniture sets with the most premium finishes possible, the Catalyzed Conversion Varnish, which is much better than normal wood finishes in both quality and looks. This varnish also ensures that your furniture stays on for decades without any wear and waterproofs it in cases of emergencies. Amish furniture is the best choice if you want the furniture to stay in your family and grow old with everyone else.

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You can have your own custom personified furniture

Only Amish furniture can offer quality customizability options that can suit your taste and preference from start to finish. This is because Amish furniture doesn’t keep pre-made furniture in their workshops or warehouses, unlike mass-producing furniture-making factories. All your orders are noted down first, and then the product is made according to your exact preference. All nuances of your request are followed minutely to ensure you don’t get unhappy with your purchase.

Before you place your order, Amish furniture offers you various options to customize your purchase like the type of wood you want, size, features like additional drawers, chairs for your dining table, sockets for your desk, etc. With Amish furniture makers offering this many varieties of options, only the sky’s the limit for your personal customization. Of course, some customizations don’t come free of cost but once you put them in your furniture and see the end product, you’ll be content with your choices for the rest of your life.

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In the longer run, you end up saving money

Yes, you read that right. Whatever the Amish furniture is costing you right now will all make sense if you think about your furniture purchases in the long term. Let us give you an example – would you rather have 5 cheap furniture sets of 150$ that break down every two years or one single set of Amish furniture of 1000$ that will last you for 10 years?

If you choose the first option, you must understand that when your furniture breaks down it causes a lot of stress, time, and hassle until you get a new replacement for it even if you are getting the furniture for cheaper. That’s why it’s always better to buy something strong and reliable that will last you for years to come. The amazing fact is, if properly maintained, Amish furniture can easily stand firm for 35 years or more at which point your furniture will be nothing short of a family heirloom.


Amish furniture is expensive, but considering all the factors and its reliability, it is worth all the extra money you spend on it. We hope this article helped you out, and if it did, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.

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