How Big Should Your Bed Be Compared to Your Bedroom

Equipping your home with new furniture is always exciting because you get to buy yourself a new set of comfortable things that will make your life, and those of your family, better and more enjoyable. It does not really matter what you are getting. If it is replacing an old and worn piece of furniture, there is no denying that you will be doing yourself a great favor. For most people, the bedroom is the most important part of the house because it is where they recharge, relax, and rest. If such a place is not to your liking and you cannot be at peace once you go through the door, the quality of your whole life is at stake and so is your happiness.

With that being said, and in order to help you a lot in terms of arraigning your own bedroom, we dedicate this article to the topic of how big your bed should be in comparison to the size of your bedroom. A lot of people make mistakes when buying new furniture only to regret it later. If you do not want to be among them, make sure to read through what we have to say carefully. If you are in need of a new bed for you or anyone on your family, make sure to check out and check out their offer.

Bed Sizes

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Before we can talk about the right balance between the bedroom and bed sizes, we have to touch upon the standard sizes of available beds on the market. Mind that the frame of the bed will add a few extra inches to the following mattress dimensions so account for that as well. Toddler mattresses are 27 x 52, twin are 38 x 75, twin XL are 38 x 80, full beds are 53 x 75, full XL are 54 x 80, queen size beds are 60 x 80, the famous California kings are 72 x 84, and the largest king size beds are 76 x 80. These are the general sizes most furniture stores will have and a good guideline on which you should base your decision. Depending on the kind of bedroom you have you may be limited to only a few of the options.

How to Save Bedroom Space?

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The last thing we need out of the way before we talk about the bed and bedroom size balance is how you can save up the most space and therefore get the biggest bed available. First of all, you should thing about buying a bed that has built-in storage. This will allow you the luxury of not having too many drawers and closets around the bed. If you have to use a few wardrobes, closets, or drawers though, make sure they have sliding doors to save space when opening them. Furthermore, storage containers and separators will allow you to better organize the clothing and other items you keep in your bedroom. Maybe the whole layout is in desperate need of rearrangement, or maybe you need a few extra pieces to tie everything together. Do not forget to use the height of the room and free up the floor space, as it will allow you to get a bigger bed.

Working out the Perfect Size

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Now we get to the good part and talk about how you can know if the bed and the bedroom are in perfect harmony. Most people who like the science behind such a decision opt either for the 3:1 ratio, or having three parts bedroom for every one-part bed. If you put the bed against the longer wall in the middle and face it outward, there should be an equal amount of space to the sides and enough room to walk around the bed and between the furniture. If the bedroom size is 15 x 11 for example, the bed should be around 11 x 9. So, the head of the bed is pressed against the longer wall you have, and plenty of room needs to exist for you and your partner to walk on either side as well as the outward side facing the furniture.

Now, if you want even more science behind this seemingly easy to tackle problem, consider this. There are beliefs that the Vitruvian man and the ideal sizes of men and women, as well as the average shoulder width of adults that is over 40+ cm, the bed itself would need to be around 250 x 190 cm. According to this calculation, the super king size bed of 232 x 190 cm is the best solution and the perfect bed for two adult people of any size to share. This is of course hardly possible for all situations, but the principle and proportions should be largely the same. If 1 third of your bedroom is the bed, you will have enough space to walk around it and to store your things.

Last but not least, you can also use the 60-30-10 rule that interior designers have come up with to make and suggest the best and most optimal solutions no matter the size or the design of the room or the furniture. According to this, 60% of the design is primary color, 30% is secondary, and the 10% is the accent color that makes it all pop out more. If we were to adapt this rule to space and not color, the 60% of your bedroom would be all the furniture, 30% would be the walking area that is cleared off, and the remaining 10% would be the unused space where you cannot really put anything or walk on, the bits and bobs if you will. If you make the bed at least half, or maybe even two thirds of the furniture space you have depending on how big you want it, you will be doing the most in terms of space organization, storage, and comfort.

All in all, the perfect ratio really does seem to revolve around the 3:1 or 60-30-10 approaches. It is a very subjective and specific decision because no two bedroom and bed combinations are the same, so it is all up to you. With this information however, you will come to the conclusion and do the right thing much more easily.

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