Aida Nikolaychuk Net Worth 2024

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Aida Nikolaychuk Net Worth, Height & Age

Net Worth $2 million
Date of Birth 3rd March 1982.
Age 39
Height 1.61 m
Gender Female
Profession Singer
Nationality Ukrainian

Aida Nikolaychuk is a Ukrainian singer who has a net worth of $2 Million in 2024. She was born on 3rd March 1982. in Odesa, Ukrainian SSR, the Soviet Union.


Aida is a pop singer and model with exceptional talents and experience. After being recognized in the X factor Ukraine edition her professional career began and today she has reached great heights and is a motivation for many young female singers.

There are many facts that you might not know about her so continue reading as this article will cover everything from her personal life to her net worth.

About Aida Nikolaychuk

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She is a professional Ukrainian pop singer and a beautiful model. Her height is around 5 feet and 3 inches and she weighs nearly 55 kg.  She got famous when she was singing in the third season of the X factor when judges asked her to stop as they thought that she was not singing but lip-syncing while recording was playing in the background. Then she was asked to sing a cappella and she did the same effortlessly.

That is when everyone knew that she was not cheating and she is a melodious singer. This whole scene made an impact on her singing career and gave it a kick start.

Early Life And Family

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She was born on the 3rd of March in the year 1982 and as of 21, she is 39 years old. She was born in the Soviet Union. When she was just in the first grade in her early childhood she started singing and in her school became a solo singer in the choir. She also performed in the school choir when she reached the 5th grade and even in the 8th grade. Since childhood, her singing skills have been excellent and she later developed singing as a passion.

Related to her love life she got married to Nikita, who is 12 years older than her. Through several sources, it is said that they are now broken off but it is definite that they were together for two years.

Details about her parents or educational universities are not known.

Her Career And Major Milestones

She has been passionate about singing since childhood but after she won the third season of the Ukrainian X factor in the year 2012 her career as a professional singer began. She released her first single and later released an album that included her first song.

As of now she performs in various concerts and continues to give her appearance as an amazing singer all over Ukraine. She’s also a model and successful in that field as well.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Her

  • She was a judge in minimalist Ukraine in 2013.
  • Aida was given the title of female singer of the year according to the result of the national poll.
  • She was one of the artists working with the commonwealth of independent States.
  • She also has signed a contract previously with Sony music but she ended it in 2014

Aida Nikolaychuk Net Worth 2024

Aida’s net worth is around 2 million dollars her major sources of income include her career in the field of singing and modeling.

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