6 Famous Hollywood Celebs Who Are Good Gamblers

Hollywood is the world’s most prominent movie industry in terms of revenue generated, movies released, and most-watched movies worldwide. From the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the superhero genre to small-time indie movie productions, Hollywood has raked in over billions of dollars all around the world. And the main reasons for success are the highly talented and attractive actors in the industry.

A lot of them established themselves as leading actors early on in their careers and are now at the peak of their stardom. But the stars in Hollywood are not only known for their talent and charisma but are also very notorious for their personas off-screen. One of those activities which showcase a new side to these actors is gambling.

A lot of Hollywood stars love being in the spotlight in Las Vegas, where they are extensively known for their gambling habits. For those that want to gamble in games just as most other casinos have, according to CasinoHEX, Amatic casino games bring you your favorite gambling games online. You can avail of every single match for betting and gambling just like the ones present all over the world.

Coming back to Hollywood, as we know, America is home to some of the best casinos in the world and the one place that every gambling fanatic has visited at least once in Las Vegas. This place oozes glamour, class, and money, which makes sense why so many celebs visit this place. Now let’s take a look at Hollywood’s biggest stars that love to gamble and are surprisingly good at it.

A-Listers That Are Good At Betting

1. Mike Tyson

Source: Black Enterprise

Known as the baddest man on the planet, “Iron Mike Tyson” is one of the biggest names in boxing after the great Muhammad Ali. He’s known for two main things, how hard of a hitter he is and his flamboyant party personality.

Mike has a notorious reputation for many disputes both on and off the ring, and one of his greatest pastimes is his gambling addiction. Mike is known to be a decently good gambler, but as with any other activity, once the addictive spiral kicked in, Mike Tyson lost a lot of his fortune on his constant gambling charades.

2. George Clooney

Source: Fortune

Batman himself, George Clooney, is an avid gambler and has successfully played poker. He also starred in the Ocean’s eleven movie franchise, and to be honest, the part could not have been cast more perfectly.

The plot revolves around a group of highly intelligent men who decide to organize a heist at a casino. George is known to be an excellent businessman, known to win his gambles in the most calculative way possible. He also invested in building a casino of his own in Las Vegas, which was never made a reality. Given how well of a gambler Clooney is, this is probably the only ‘L’ he’s taken in gambling.

3. Ben Affleck

Source: The Wrap

Playing Daredevil in the marvel comics universe couldn’t have been a better role for Affleck as he’s known to be an absolute beast in gambling and betting for a person whose primary job isn’t even that.

Ben Affleck has participated in poker tournaments on both beginner and high competing levels, which has allowed him to rake in millions over the years. Ben Affleck is so good at playing blackjack that he was actually banned from the Hard rock casino.

Ben is known to have an excellent memory, almost an eidetic one, which allowed him to remember the cards that were taken out or flushed, which gave him an upper hand in his gambling antics.

4. 50 Cent

Source: Texas Monthly

This globally recognized rap icon is known for more than just his music career. He’s also an excellent businessman because of which he’s made a considerable part of his millions in his net worth.

50 Cent has known to put extravagant bets on boxing matches, once a reported 2 million on Floyd Mayweather and won the bet. 50 Cent has relied a lot on hard work and intellect over luck for his success in his career.

He’s made very calculative moves on how to make his millions through betting, and if that doesn’t tell you what a genius he is, we don’t know what will.

5. Lady Gaga

Source: Vanity Fair

Known in Hollywood as the queen of provocative and bold costumes, Lady Gaga is a highly talented singer and songwriter who loves to gamble as well.

Although she’s made a majority of her total worth due to her music career, she loves a good game of poker and blackjack every now and then, as she’s been spotted gambling in Las Vegas every once in a while. Her globally acclaimed song “Poker face” is a direct reference to an act while gambling.

Poker face is a bland and expressionless face players put on while playing poker, so they do not give away the state of the hand they’ve been dealt with. She’s also known to be an astute businesswoman, with multiple income streams, with gambling being a big part of it every once in a while.

6. Matt Damon 

Source: Lonely Planet

“Oh my god it’s Jason Bourne!” Matt Damon is one of the biggest names in Hollywood, known for both his critically acclaimed movies as both screenwriter and actor. He played Will in ‘Good Will Hunting’ as a math genius which explores life and love under a therapist played by the late and talented Robin Williams.

Matt has often stated that he has always been interested in gambling and casino games but jumped on the growing fever for gambling after playing Mike McDermott in the cult hit movie ‘Rounders.’ This gave Matt the push he wanted to take up gambling a lot more seriously.

He regularly visits casinos to play poker and blackjack with his childhood friend and associate, Ben Affleck. During role prep, the gambling legend Johnny Chan taught Matt everything about the game, which Matt later used in his gambling exploits to win regularly.

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