How to Tell if Someone is Bluffing in Online Poker?

Poker is one of the most familiar gambling games. It has a long history and it has even more followers and players. It is an iconic thing that everyone has tried at least once.

Today we are talking about online poker which is a very hot topic since we are in a time of global pandemic and online gambling has taken a huge swing upward. Bluffing is pretty much the essential part of this game and it would be plain dull without it.

Do you see the problem that is setting itself up here? How in Gods name can you tell if someone is bluffing if you can see him/her? How does reading the bluffing signs work when you are in an online poker party? Thanks to us and this article before you will find out how to beat any bluff in an online poker game.

If you want to try your luck in an online poker game and test the things we will list here visit and try your luck out. One thing to note here, for full disclaimer, online tells will never be that accurate like live tells that you can read and apply the science behind it. It works pretty well and you will pick up a few things as you get more comfortable with it. So, shall we begin?

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1. Timing and action

In an online poker game, it is very important to observe your opponent. While observing you will notice things like how long or fast he/she acts, bets when they check and fold. Timing and action will greatly help you extract this vital information from your opponent. During a game you have to pace yourself to pick up on these. Trying to scare them by going all-in instantly will get you nowhere. Take it slow let them play and show you their intentions. The way they time themselves and what actions do they make in certain situations will be a sure tell of their playstyle. If you are able you will easily deduce when they are bluffing their way to the end of the game and you can put it to your benefit. Smart poker players are not those that rush into things no matter how good of a hand they have, but those who let their opponents tell them their side of the story. As the saying goes you are not playing against the cards you are playing against a player.

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2. Insta checkers

In online poker games, there is a button labelled “Check” that allows that insta check action. If you are using this function in your online poker games stop now. This is one of the most basic tells in online poker games. Insta checkers show their great weakness and their lack of impression by their hand that it is beyond obvious. This should tell you that they have such a bad hand that even thinking about it isn’t worth it. If they insta check it means that they have such weak cards that other options like betting or raising are totally out of the question. When you see something like this then try and bet and you will see that smart insta checkers will instantly fold after that.

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3. Long wait for a check

This is a bit tricky play, but most of the time this as well suggest a weak hand and no viable options to take. Your opponent will take his time, use the timer almost completely to reconsider his/her options and at the last moment check just to stay in the game and see what happens next. The trick part to this is that doing this mostly means weakness but it can sometimes be the other way around. This has to be used with extreme precaution and it will need further opponent observation to figure out the pattern they are using this for.

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4. Insta bet

Now, this usually suggests a very strong play and a good hand. This type of opponent is eager to take you all down and without any thinking, he/she will insta bet because they have something to expect or it is already there. The only thing to look for here is how much does the opponent bet. Try and observe the bet amounts of your opponents to see the pattern that emerges here and this will usually indicate the strength of their play.

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5. Long wait for Bet/Raise

This is another sign of a good hand and a strong play. This time your opponent will take their time to think about what to do and they will usually decide to take the aggressive way in form of betting or raising. Again, this should be approached with care because there might be smart online players who think about what they are doing. They might not go full-on aggressive and scare you away, they might just utilize this strategy that includes wasting some time and then acting to keep you thinking and to keep you in the pot.

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6. Insta call

Insta callers are very hard to read. This could mean so many things – from a monster hand to a very weak hand. What we learned is that this is most utilized by opponents when they have a semi-weak hand and when they want to wait out and see what will happen next, what will be dealt with next. This is where difficulty settles in, after the initial insta call you have to read their next move to read what they got from the flop, for instance. This also can show that your opponent is not afraid of your bet but that his/her hand isn’t strong enough to call. It is tricky and this should be watched out for.

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7. Betting patterns

After everything, the best way to read through all their tells is to memorize their betting patterns. This is why pacing and not rushing things are very important. By taking things slow you will give yourself a chance to observe your opponents betting in different situations. You will get a broader picture of their intentions and you can put utilize that to your advantage. Betting patterns are the max you can utilize from the online poker games since reading the eyes, hands, movement and others is out of the question.

Written by Anita Kantar

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