Strategies For Casino Games That You Should Avoid


The system of betting has been prevailing for quite some time now, or you can say that it has been there ever since casino games were established. There is no denying the fact that the betting system is not going to go anywhere, and it will be there for as long as casino games, sports and humans exist.

There are a few gambling and betting systems that are not proven to work for everyone. However, several gamblers in the betting industry make an effort to test their luck with the hope to beat the game. But, sometimes it happens that they don’t get the desired results.

You will come across numerous people who proclaim that there exists several secret techniques that can help you win. However, they are not believed to furnish a foolproof win to the bettors. In addition to it, if such strategies certainly worked, then every person playing bets would become rich and sportsbooks, and casinos would have gone bankrupt.  In this article, we will talk about strategies for casino games that you should avoid. You can read more on

Avoid The Martingale system


This system is very famous among the bettors where they are​ believed to double their betting amount just after they lose a bet. They do this so that they can put an effort to recover the lost amount and a smaller portion of the profit as well. There prevails an apparent problem with the trick, which is that after every lost streak, the bettor will need an enormous proportion of money so that they can go back to reasonable.

You will not find several sportsbooks that are believed to take the size of bets as mandatory to survive such betting systems. There prevails another problem with this betting system. It is dependent on the real bet of even-money that is very rare since a commission of about 5-10% is charged by the sportsbook on almost every bet.

Avoid The Labouchere System

This system has another very popular name which is​ known as a split Martingale system. The bettor will have to initially come with a unit for the base of betting. They are then required to jot down a labouchere sequence which is very commonly used. For instance, 1-1-2-2-1-1. When the bettor has to choose a bet amount, they will have to take up the initial and the last number from their sequence. If you see the example, our choice will be (1+1).

After losing a bet, you are required to add the unit number of your bet at the edge of the series, where it ends. If you win this bet, you will have to strike out the last and the first number in the ordering.  In reality, this system is not capable of guaranteeing a win to you, even if the bettors assure to do the same.

Selecting Inappropriate/Wrong Games


When you are about to invest real money in online casino games, you should understand the game well in advance. The website should have basic guidelines for playing a particular game, and go ahead with the selection only when you understand it thoroughly. On the contrary, you can also choose to try the free version of the game first and then continue with the version that involves real money.

If you don’t have a proper understanding of the game, you may lose more money than you win. We advise you to go with the ones that have higher RTP. This step will prove to be worth it in terms of investing money in the long run.

Missing the Promotions and Bonuses Offered

You should always be vigilant about the bonuses and promotions that the casino website is offering. Ensure not to miss them or else you may lose a chance of winning. There are numerous casinos out there that offer some of the best promotions for their players. Avail them in all cases to make the most of it. This way you will win often and bigger than expected. Make proper use of the promotions offered for maximum benefits.

Assuming Every Casino Offers The Same Challenges

If you have tried some of the online casino options, you may come to a conclusion that all of them are the same. Avoid this mistake of assuming so, since not all online casinos are the same. Whenever you wish to try out a new casino, go through the terms and conditions once before getting started. The rules will be different and you need to see if you are understanding the same or not.

Some will have restrictions in terms of withdrawal, money, deposits, etc. Moreover, a few websites offer welcome bonuses for all new players, whereas some offer bonuses with initial deposits. Some may also have no deposit bonus. That said, the rules are different and you need to make sure you are versed with them.

Thinking You Can Manage


This is the most common mistake that online casino players usually make. They think they can easily manage any game and will cope up with everything that comes up. Keep in mind that one strategy will not work everywhere. If you are a pro in poker, it doesn’t mean you will handle blackjack as well.The rules of playing a game are different and you need to understand them.

You cannot expect the same thing in different slot machines. Also, the wagers placed by you will not be the same as well. They are going to be different in terms of several factors. Also, when playing the same slot again and again, you cannot expect to win with the help of the same strategy you used to win in the first instance.


Additionally, you should complete a background check before registering with an online casino or making a financial transaction. As far as withdrawing money is concerned, you must know as much as you can. We highly recommend not to get involved too much in the online casinos, or else you may lose track of your bankrolls. Also, invest only a small amount, the amount that you can afford to lose, and not beyond that.

Written by Bobana Hemun

I'm Bobana Hemun, a former graduate from the Faculty of Medicine in Novi Sad, where I specialized in occupational therapy. My journey began at the Oncology Institute of Vojvodina, where I honed my skills and passion for helping others. However, my career took an unexpected turn when I discovered the dynamic world of SEO, where I now thrive.

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