How Do You Manipulate a Slot Machine and Win Every Time


Picking online gambling as one of your main hobbies or as a way to make some extra money on the side is something that more and more people around the world decide to do. The industry is huge and it is only getting bigger. Gambling from anywhere and at any time is very convenient and there are hardly and downsides to it when compared to traditional gambling at your local casino. However, playing for fun and expecting to win are mutually exclusive and they can never go together when playing gambling games.

If you play it for fun, you should focus on having a good time and enjoying your experience. On the other hand, playing to get the money and improve your finances is a whole other story. In this article we examine the slot machines and how you can win at them every time. Is it possible to manipulate them in such a way? If it is possible, what would you need to do? Join us as we dive deeper into the fun and exciting world of slot machines. They are popular all over the world as everyone loves them. Therefore, make sure to check out the best online Australian casino.

Manipulating the Slots


Manipulation in gambling is almost never possible. Perhaps the most popular and well-known way of doing it is counting cards, which can of course only be done in card games. With slot machines and other automated games, manipulation is not something that can be done. This is especially true on online casinos that you play in the browser or in the app. Since you are using the internet and only accessing the service through your device, there is nothing you can do improve your chances in a cheeky manner. You cannot even do it with a regular, old-fashioned slot at your local establishment.

Why is this so?


The answer is simple as well as disappointing. It is not possible to manipulate the slot because there is nothing to manipulate on it. It works on the principles of randomness as the software picks out random combinations as reels and gives them to the players. Except pressing the button, you cannot do anything else on a slot. It is the ultimate luck-based game where the RNG (random number generator) rules everything. This is what makes the slot both popular and infamous. It is popular due to its simplicity, and infamous for being almost impossible to win money from.

Do What You Can


In theory, you could play the slot that has the highest RTP (return to player) percentage you can find and wait to win the money. Aim for the ones that are in the high 90-range, at least above 95%. If you return to them frequently and only play them, the randomness may favor you since you will be at it for a long time. If it just so happens that it is a slot you enjoy anyway, you will also have a ton of fun playing it while (very) slowly approaching the inevitable payout.

Written by Bobana Hemun

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