7 Things to Have in Mind When Buying Motocross Goggles

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When you’re out riding your motocross bike, it’s important to have the right protective gear on – not just for your safety, but also for the safety of those around you. That’s why in this post we’re going to show you important tips to have in mind when buying motocross goggles

1. Consider Your Budget

When it comes to buying motorcycle goggles, there are a few factors you need to consider. The first is your budget, and the second is your needs. Of course, you also have to take into account the type of motorcycle you’re riding and the conditions in which you’ll be using them.

If you’re in the market for a set of high-quality goggles that won’t break the bank, we recommend checking out motocross goggles from brands like Smith and RevZilla. These models come with a range of features, such as anti-fog coating and shatter-resistant lenses, that will make riding in adverse weather conditions easier.

If you’re looking for something more affordable but still high-quality, we recommend checking out Knoxx or Giroptic models. Both brands offer affordable sets of goggles that still feature quality construction and lenses. Additionally, both brands have a wide range of styles and colors to choose from, so finding the perfect pair is easy.

No matter what your budget is, though, always make sure to take into account your needs when shopping for motorcycle goggles. For example, if you’re looking for goggles that will protect your eyes against wind and rain, make sure

2. Choose a Goggle That Fits Your Style

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When you are shopping for motocross goggles, it is important to find a style that fits your personal preferences. This means that you should consider the type of riding you do and the environment in which you will be using your goggles. Here are some things to keep in mind when purchasing motocross goggles:

  • The size of the frame: Most motocross goggles come in a variety of sizes, so make sure to choose the one that fits comfortably on your face.
  • The style and color of the frame: Choose a style that will match your style and the color of your motorcycle.
  • The lens material: Most motocross goggles come with either polycarbonate or plastic lenses. Both materials offer good protection from debris and water, but plastic lenses tend to be more durable.

3. How do I size my goggles?

When you are buying your motocross goggles, it is important to take into account your eye size. Many goggles come in different sizes, so it is important to find the size that fits best. Some goggles have adjustable straps, while others may require you to use a tape measure to find your correct size. Once you have found the size that fits best, make sure the strap is tight and does not move around.

4. Should I buy a strap?

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It’s important to consider the type of strap you’ll need before purchasing your motocross goggles. Leather straps are the most common, but they can be expensive. Velcro straps are also popular, but they can come loose and slip off your head during a race. You may prefer a strap that attaches to the inside of your helmet or one that clips onto the side of your helmet.

5. Decide on Whether You Will Use Them Off-Road or On-Road

When it comes to buying motocross goggles, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, decide whether you will use them off-road or on-road. If you plan on using them mostly off-road, then you will want to buy goggles with a durable and scratch resistant lens. Conversely, if you plan on using them mostly on-road, then you can save money by buying goggles that are less expensive and do not have a scratch resistant lens.

Another thing to consider when purchasing motocross goggles is the size of your face. Most goggles come in different sizes so that they will fit most faces comfortably. In addition, make sure the straps of the goggles are adjustable so that they can fit any size head. Finally, be sure to try on the goggles before buying them to ensure they fit properly.

6. Consider Whether You Want a Glasses or Sunglasses Type of Goggles

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When shopping for motocross goggles, you have a few different options to choose from. Depending on your personal preference, you can buy glasses or sunglasses type of goggles.

If you want glasses-style goggles, be sure to find ones that fit well and are comfortable to wear. Get goggles that have a flexible frame and adjustable straps so they will fit well on your head. Some people prefer wrap-around style goggles because they provide more protection from the elements. If you plan to race in all weather conditions, wrap-around style goggles are a good choice.

If you want sunglasses-style goggles, be sure to choose ones that offer good sun protection. Look for lenses that are tinted and polarized to help block out the sun’s rays. Additionally, look for goggles that come with a case so you can keep them safe when not in use.

7. Are any lenses prescription compatible?

Even though motocross goggles are often seen as a form of protection for the rider’s eyes, it is important to know that some lenses in these goggles are not prescription compatible. This is because the frames are made from polycarbonate, which is a type of plastic that does not usually accommodate prescriptions. If you have trouble finding motocross goggles that fit your prescription, you may want to consider buying a different style of goggles altogether.


When you’re shopping for motocross goggles it’s important to keep these things in mind if you want to end up with the best goggles available for you.

It is important to keep yourself and others safe when riding a motocross!

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