How Far Can You Commute on An Electric Bike?

If you live in a big city, going to work every morning is definitely a hassle. We all have to wake up much earlier to drink our first-morning coffee, get ready for work and then travel to the office. How much more exciting would you start this trip if you could shorten that exhausting journey, right? One option for how you can significantly reduce the length of travel is by using an electric bike.

One of the main reasons why we start buying e-bike is to shorten the travel time. In addition to this advantage, using an e-bike helps your body as well as the environment. You must be tired of traffic jams, pollution and traffic collapse. You want to travel to your job and back home without interruption. That is the wish of all of us, and that is exactly why we are paying attention to today’s topic. So, let’s see how far can you commute on an electric bike?

Factors that affecting the power of an e-bicycle


What does the power and strength of an electric bicycle depend on? There is no precise answer to the question of how long you could ride a bike with one charge or what distance you can cover. You need to know at the beginning that the power of every electric bike model is not the same. It’s influenced by many aspects, so, which model would you choose depends on them. We’ll give you some of these factors below:

Battery size and age


The larger the battery, the more energy bike has. As easy as pie, right? The battery of an electric bicycle can have between 200 Wh- 700 Wh. Some bikes allow the connection of two batteries at the same time and in this way they double the power and durability. There are many advantages to a large battery in this type of transport.

If you want a longer trip, a larger battery will definitely benefit you better. However, you need to know how it is maintained and protected because replacement batteries are the most expensive component on a bike. To use the battery for a longer time, make sure that it doesn’t discharge completely and charge it to 100%. Older batteries of course last shorter than brand new ones. After a certain period of battery use, you will for sure need to replace it, so follow the provided tips.

Possibility of pedaling


If you have a bike with the ability to turn the pedals, it can certainly contribute to lower battery consumption and greater mileage. When you help the electric bike with the pedals, you save time and battery life. If you only rely on battery power, it’s more likely to be consumed faster.

Manual speed


In some countries, this type of bicycle is not so common. If you have a bike like this, know that manual speed also affects battery life. The more you use it, the more likely it is that your battery will discharge quickly.

Other factors

In addition to the factors that are directly related to the bike, there are also external ones that certainly affect its strength. How long the battery of a bicycle will last on a single charge depends on the weight of the rider, the road we’re heading on, and even the weather conditions in which we ride the bike.

For a lighter person, the battery will surely last longer. Also, if you ride a bike on flat land in the summer, you will surely reach longer than those who ride a bike up the hill in the middle of the rain.

How long can we ride a bike?

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To answer this question, we have to go back to the battery story again. It represents its basis and source of power. Capacity of the battery is measured in Wh.

If you have a bike with a larger battery (up to 500Wh) and if you drive at an average speed of about 17 mph, you will be able to cover a length of about 19 miles. With a smaller battery like 200Wh the length traveled based on a single charge will be about 15 miles.

If you need the bike every day and you want to cover a longer distance, then we recommend a bike with a 1000Wh battery that can go up to 50 miles on just one charge. With larger batteries, not only that you could travel longer, but you could also use more power and speed, which is a great deal if you’re in a hurry or late for work.

Advantages of an e-bike for the long-distance



Whether your business is 7 miles from home, or 20, the bike will serve you equally well. Thanks to the adjustment of the speed and power of the bike, you can reach the desired destination in a short time. Due to its design and ease of use, you’ll save a lot of time to your job by avoiding city crowds and traffic jams.

Physical activity

Whether you go for a run or you’re a fan of physical activity, it no longer matters if you have an e-bike. During each ride, you will surely pedal at least one mile, which will affect your better mobility. So, pedaling will make your trip to work more interesting. If you periodically replace the battery power by controlling the pedals, you’ll get the ideal combination of fitness and quick arrival at work.

Ease of use

An electric bike is much easier to ride than a standard bike. With it you always have the opportunity to relax while traveling! You don’t stop your journey and yet you can take a break, doesn’t that sound great? However, with extra-human power through the pedals, you can ensure that your bike has enough energy to take you longer than your intended goal.

Electric bicycles which should be an option of a long ride


Each model to a greater or lesser extent can lead you to the desired destination. There are not many that have huge power (over 1000Wh). However, below we offer a couple of e-bikes models that can suit your needs, and are perfect for long-term use: Juiced Crosscurrent SX, Gocycle GS, OHM Quest, Trek CrossRip +, etc. In choosing your bike, provides you with a great offer in which you will surely find a model that meets your criteria.

So, would you rather use e-bikes or cars on the way to work? With many benefits, we believe you have already made up your mind. Our living conditions change every day. Advances in technology have opened the door for us to many possibilities. Follow trends, stay up to date and enjoy new useful things like e-bikes.

Written by Anita Kantar

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