Exploring Popular Online Slot Bonus Features

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Exciting bonus features are one of the many reasons video slots online are so popular among players. In addition to advancing the narrative or adding more thrills to the game, they offer chances for players to see their winnings increase. The most popular bonus features include Wild and Scatter symbols, Free Spins, Re-Spins, Chain Reactions, and bonus games.

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols are named after the Wild card found in many Poker games. In Poker variants that include Jokers in the decks, the Jokers are Wild, which means they can represent any card the player needs to build a winning hand. The same principle applies to Wild symbols in online slots like those you can enjoy at https://onlinepokiesnz.co.nz/nzd-pokies/.

The Wild symbol can replace any regular symbol in the creation of a winning combination. However, in many online video slots, there’s more to the Wild. Game developers have expanded on the concept to create different types of Wilds:

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  • Multiplier Wilds: Some Wilds have a Multiplier attached to them. If they participate in a winning combination, the Multiplier multiplies the payout by the relevant number. For example, if a Wild has a 2x or 3x Multiplier, the payout will be doubled or tripled.
  • Expanding Wilds: An Expanding Wild symbol can expand itself to cover more than one position on a reel. The symbol may grow to cover 2, 3, or 4 positions. Some can expand large enough to fill an entire reel.
  • Stacked Wilds: Similar to Expanding symbols, Stacked Wilds land in a stack of at least 2 symbols that cover several positions on a reel.
  • Frozen or Sticky Wilds: Known as Sticky Wilds in some online slots, Frozen Wilds remain in one position on a reel for more than one spin.
  • Walking Wilds: After landing on a spin, Walking Wilds remain on the reels for several consecutive spins. They move to a different position for each of those spins.

Scatter Symbols

In most online slots, regular symbols form winning combinations by landing from left to right on a payline across consecutive reels, usually starting at the first reel on the left side of the grid. Scatter symbols are exempt from the rule, which means they can form winning combinations by landing in any position on the reels.

According to pokiesonlinenz.co.nz not all Scatters offer payouts. Some also trigger the game’s Free Spins round, while others trigger the bonus feature instead of forming combinations that pay out.

Free Spins Bonus Rounds

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If an online video slot has a Free Spins bonus round, players could see themselves enjoying a specified number of spins without having to place additional bets. Some Free Spins rounds offer the spins only, while others add something extra to the mix.

For example, a player could land at least 3 Scatters and trigger a round of 15 Free Spins. The bet amount during the round will be the same amount as the bet the player placed on the triggering spin. If the player placed a $10 bet on the spin that triggered the round, each of the Free Spins will be played at a $10 bet. Any winnings that land during the round will be added to the player’s winnings balance.

Some Free Spins rounds come with Multipliers that multiply every win generated, while others may feature only high-value symbols or special Wild symbols. In some slots, the Free Spins can be re-triggered if more Scatters land during the round. Several “Book of…” slots feature a popular mechanism that sees one of the symbols selected randomly as a special Expanding symbol during the Free Spins round.


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Re-Spins usually are a special feature that triggers during the base game in some video online slots. A Re-Spin usually lets the player spin one reel for another chance to create a winning combination. This may happen if a player doesn’t land enough symbols to create a winning combination. In some cases, the Re-Spin applies to the reels on a which a winning combination formed.

Chain Reactions

Sometimes known as Cascading or Rolling Reels, the Chain Reaction bonus feature may be available in the base game and/or during Free Spins. The mechanism is triggered whenever a winning combination forms.

After the payout amount is added to the player’s balance, the winning symbol combination will be removed from the reels. New symbols will drop down, which could result in another win. If the new symbols do form a winning combination, the feature will re-trigger. In most slots that offer the feature, the Chain Reaction will continue until the new symbols do not produce a win.

Other Bonus Features

Some video slots online don’t limit the gameplay to spinning reels for chances to land wins. They also feature bonus rounds that include mini games. One of the most regularly seen mini games is Pick-A-Prize.

For example, the player may be transported from the reels to a wizard’s workshop in which they must select potion bottles from the collection on the shelves. If the first pick reveals a coin prize, the player can continue selecting bottles until they select one that brings the game to an end and allows their coin prizes to be added to their winnings balance.

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Other mini games may take the form of a contest played against the game software. For example, players may become the character of Robin Hood and must shoot arrows at a target in a contest against the Sheriff of Nottingham. If the player beats the Sheriff, they win a coin prize or entry into the Free Spins round.

Some video online slots have randomly triggered features during the base game. While spinning the reels, a character could appear randomly and add extra Wilds or other special symbols to the reels.

Other Reasons For Video Slot Popularity

As exciting as these and other bonus features are, they’re not the only reasons video slots are one of the most popular online casino game genres. Video slots get their names from the video content that separate them from classic 3-reel slots that offer traditional gameplay.

Video slots are themed, and the narrative usually plays out in animated sequences. The symbols also are designed to suit the theme. For example, the high and medium value symbols may include characters and objects that appear in the narrative, while the low value symbols usually take the form of playing cards.

With so much packed into video slots online, it’s easy to see why many players choose them above other gaming options.

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