The Best Seasons to Visit Norway for a Unique Stay

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Norway is a country of extraordinary beauty, with its stunning fjords, majestic mountains and pristine wilderness. Each season brings a unique set of experiences and opportunities, in which visitors immerse themselves in the country’s natural wonders.

Choosing the right time to visit can greatly enhance your Norwegian adventure, enabling you to make the most of your stay. WonderInn offers a range of unique accommodations throughout Norway, tailored to each season, ensuring that your visit is truly unforgettable.

Summer (June to August)

During the summer months Norway basks in the glow of the midnight sun, which provides endless daylight for outdoor activities and sightseeing. This is the perfect time to explore the country’s picturesque fjords, hike through lush green forests and experience the vibrant cities bustling with life.

You can take advantage of the long days by embarking on a scenic road trip along the Atlantic Ocean Road or cruising through the Geirangerfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many of the fjord tours offer an audio commentary in English, and Norway’s excellent public transport system and road network make every attraction accessible, no matter how you enter the country or where you stay.

For a truly unique summer experience, stay at one of the WonderInn Riverside or WonderInn Delta cabins such as Boho. Pitched in stunning locations, these secluded cabins offer panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.+

It is possible to enjoy the tranquility of the Norwegian wilderness while still having access to modern amenities and comfortable furnishings. Comfort and style don’t have to be mutually exclusive!

Autumn (September to November)

As the leaves turn to vibrant shades of red, orange and yellow Norway transforms into a breathtaking autumnal wonderland. This is the perfect time for hiking and exploring the country’s national parks, as the crowds thin out and the weather remains mild.

You can also witness the spectacular display of the Northern Lights, or aurora borealis, as the longer nights provide ample opportunities for stargazing. Many travel agencies offer specific itineraries, such as road trips, based around the attractions which are seen at their best in autumn, so there is no shortage of things to see and do.

The best way to embrace the cozy atmosphere of autumn when visiting Norway is to stay at one of WonderInn’s mirrored glass cabins. Designed to reflect the splendor of their surroundings, you will have all the comfort you need whilst still being immersed in the wonders of the season.

Spend your days hiking through the colorful landscapes and your evenings relaxing by the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa. Is there a better way to experience autumn?

Winter (December to February)

Norway’s winter season is a magical time, with snow-covered landscapes, festive celebrations and unique experiences. Norway is internationally renowned as the land of snow and ice not because the winter weather exists, but because the locals know how to exploit it to the full.

Engage in thrilling winter sports like skiing, snowboarding and dog sledding, or take a more leisurely approach by exploring the charming Christmas markets and witnessing the mesmerizing Northern Lights. You will soon see how all the legends of snow maidens and ice creatures came about when all this activity gives the white landscape a human dimension it doesn’t have elsewhere.

For a once-in-a-lifetime winter experience, head for WonderInn Arctic. Properties such as 14 Peaks, Sky & Sand and Day & Night are designed to place you at the center of the action.

Equipped with hot tubs, kitchens and mountain views, they score over the well established snow hotels and ski chalets by being more personal and intimate. As the only occupants, you make the rules of engagement, and thus make this world your own, not what someone else wants you to think of it.

Spring (March to May)

As the snow melts and the days grow longer, Norway awakens to a vibrant display of spring colors. Witness the country’s stunning waterfalls at their most powerful, fed by the thawing snow, and explore the lush green landscapes dotted with wildflowers.

This is an excellent time for birdwatching, as migratory species return to the country’s wetlands and coastal areas. It is also the time when a positive spirit of regeneration sweeps the country, as people emerge from long winters, and you can plug into this to recharge your own batteries.

The beauty of the Norwegian spring is best experienced in one of WonderInn’s cabins. Surrounded by blooming fruit trees and overlooking picturesque villages suddenly bursting into color, these peaceful retreats have everything you need to embrace the wonders of the season.

Seasonal Festivals and Events

No matter when you choose to visit Norway there is an exciting event or festival to experience. In the summer there is the famous Midnight Sun Festival in Tromsø, or the Bergen International Festival, the best place to immerse yourself in Norwegian culture. In the autumn we have the Rakfisk Festival in Valdres, where you go to sample traditional fermented trout, or the Northern Lights Festival up in Tromsø.

In the winter you can experience the magic of the Christmas markets in Oslo and Bergen or participate in the Sami National Day celebrations in February. As spring arrives, join the festivities at the Norwegian Constitution Day on May 17th or attend the Peer Gynt Festival in Vinstra, which pays homage to the famous Norwegian play.

WonderInn offers accommodations near many of these festival locations, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the cultural experiences while having a comfortable base to return to after a day of celebration. Why not celebrate your accommodation too?


norway at winter

Norway is a year-round destination offering unique experiences in every season. Whether you prefer the endless daylight of summer, the colorful landscapes of autumn, the snow-covered winter wonderland or the vibrant bloom of spring, Norway has something to offer every traveler.

When planning your visit, consider your personal preferences and the type of activities you’d like to engage in. No matter which season you choose, booking a stay at one of WonderInn’s unique properties will ensure that your Norwegian experience is truly unforgettable, as its accommodations seamlessly blend with Norway’s stunning natural beauty.

Choose the season which calls you and embark on an extraordinary Norwegian adventure with WonderInn. Your unique stay in this captivating country will create memories to last a lifetime.

Written by Ivan Hancko

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