6 Tips For Becoming More Sexually Confident

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It’s not by accidents that people find confidence sexy and attractive. Those two things go hand in hand and it is quite hard to have one without the other. Now, many men and women lack confidence when it comes to sexy times and that’s perfectly normal. Bad things can happen and that includes sex. What you shouldn’t do is allow those unfortunate incidents to affect your sexual confidence. However, since that is way easier said and done and many get caught up in their thoughts and worries, we’ve decided to give you a few tips on how to boost your sexual confidence. Here they are!

1. Don’t Let Your ED Affect You

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Many men suffer from spontaneous ED – that’s normal. It happens to every guy and it’s honestly not a big deal. You’re not in the mood, you’ve had too much to drink or eat, you’re nervous – all of those things could lead to ED. The only time you should be worried, according to viagra.edu.pl, is if the problem becomes consistent and you can’t seem to get it up no matter what you do.

However, even then, you shouldn’t let it affect your sexual confidence. There are several ways that you can make your ED disappear. In most cases, the problem lies in your head, especially if you’re young. In fact, lack of confidence is usually what causes ED, not the other way around. Therefore, if it happens, don’t stress about it. It’s probably just a one-time thing. Keep your head high and your other one is going to follow.

2. Stay In The Moment

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Most of us have had the experience of getting too caught up in our thoughts during sex and that has led to some unfortunate events or just plain bad sex. Luckily, there’s nothing to worry about here – it happens to everyone. The key is not to let your mind wander or even worse – become too focused on one thing.

First of all, if your mind wanders, you’ll get lost in your thoughts and you’re going to forget for a moment that you’re in the middle of the most intimate moments between two people. That can lead to some incidents in the boudoir and those incidents can be quite hard to overcome which will then lead to your sexual confidence plummeting.

Even worse, don’t get too caught up in “doing to right thing”. This is something guys do all too much. Sex is not about perfect strokes, thinking about where to place your hand, why did your partner make a specific face, what face you are making and so on. Forget about all of that and just focus on emotions and sensations. Once you do that, you’ll notice you’ll start enjoying sex far better and your confidence is going to go through the roof.

3. Don’t Stress About The First Time Being “Off”

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Believe us when we say – you’re not going to get it right the first time. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had sex thousands of times, chances of you hitting it right with a new partner are slim to none. However, that’s not something you should be worried about and you shouldn’t let it affect your confidence. If you get too caught up thinking that it should be perfect and it should go this way and whatnot – you’re in for a big disappointment and your confidence is going to go out the window.

Instead, embrace the fact that you’re not going to get it right the first time. It takes time for people to get to know each other and their bodies, to get in touch with their emotions and become free in the bedroom. Accept that and you’re never going to experience any confidence issues.

4. Talk To Your Partner

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It’s not uncommon for new couples to be great at everything but sex. In most cases, when that happens, both of them start overthinking the situation, stressing about it and they eventually break up. Now, while it is true that it can happen that two people just aren’t sexually compatible, that’s not usually the case.

Instead, more often than not, it’s the lack of conversation that leads to problems in the bedroom. You have to talk to your partner. It’s a lot better to have a semi-awkward conversation for an hour or two than to let a potentially great relationship go to waste. You don’t have to lead with your deepest desires, but a simple “I like that and I don’t like that” will suffice. More often than not, you’ll find that you like the same things, but you just weren’t confident enough to make the first move. Once you have “the talk” – your confidence is going to go through the roof.

5. Exercise

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Believe it or not, exercising regularly can positively impact your sexual confidence in numerous ways. First of all, you’re going to look better. And since sex is just as physical as it is emotional, your physical appearance is going to contribute to you feeling confident. Also, you’re going to work on your stamina, which is quite important when it comes to sex. The last thing you want is to lose the will to finish because you’ve grown tired. Lastly, exercise is a known testosterone booster, so you gents can contribute from working out even more than the ladies might. So, grab those dumbbells and work on your gains and confidence simultaneously.

6. Laugh

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Laughter is a known aphrodisiac. If you can smile through some of the mishaps that occur – you can do it all. You don’t have to crack self-deprecating jokes or any kind of jokes for that matter, but if you can laugh in a sexual context – you’re certainly going to get your confidence up. Laughter can easily cut the tension out of the awkward situation, which will shift the atmosphere to something positive and have you both connect on a different level and have it ignite that sexy spark between you.


All in all, you just have to have the right mindset when it comes to sex if you want to be confident. Forget what you saw in movies, both adult ones and romantic comedies and accept the fact that it takes time for sex to become perfect, but know that it will. Just enjoy the moment and don’t worry about the things that don’t matter. The only thing that matters is you two, at that moment and nothing else.

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