Pros of Being Bilingual

Have you had an opportunity to learn a new language? If not just know that you are not alone and that plenty of Americans are not fluent in any other language. If you’re eager to learn and you also want to know about some perks & pros of being bilingual, keep on reading! Here, we will talk about the beauty of mastering another language while getting you motivated for the class and the process itself!

Top 10 pros of being bilingual

1. You can easily get a job

Source: India Today

Knowing another language makes you look a lot more professional while keeping your resume stand out among the rest. Your employer will value you, as well as your background. Nowadays you can easily get a job in the public health, tourism, as well as educational fields as long as you have the right language that can accompany your chosen work field. In this case, the more the merrier rule does apply.

2. Great opportunity for those who wish to earn more money

Source: Money Under 30

Did you know that only 20% of Americans speak another foreign language?! Some studies have shown that being bilingual will get you to earn 5-10% more per hour! Working on different and diverse projects will make you stand out at all times. Thanks to your higher pay per hour, you are looking at around $60,000 extra for your future goals/retirement after 30+ years of work. Being intellectually curious allows you to learn new things with an open-minded approach, and what employer doesn’t want that?

3. You will have a lot better memory

Source: Mark Channon

Memory tasks and memory, in general, are better and more promising with bilingual people. This might be due to their power to memorize words with ease. Apparently, some doctors can even tell apart different brain scans when looking at them. Bilingual and monolinguists will have different scans, where bilinguals will have more gray matter. Usually, bilingual people will remember phone numbers, names, as well as directions better and with ease + they are great at solving puzzles!

4. Both cultural and social opportunities

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You will understand other cultures a lot better, and you will come off as an open-minded person. You probably can bond with ease + you have great respect for others. Each new trip to a foreign country will be fun & easy to navigate as well. You can even talk to the locals and order drinks with ease without needing anyone’s help or assistance. If you love to travel and you are a social butterfly make sure that you equip yourself with new words and languages as time goes on.

5. Some languages are hotter than others

Source: Bolde

If you want to come off as a sexy, intelligent, and multicultural person – you can do it all with the knowledge of another language! You will feel a lot more confident and your aura will shine brighter! A lot of Americans love the Spanish language, as well as French since it is the language of love. If you want to come off as a passionate sweetheart and you care about sounding hot, learning a new language should be on your list.

6. New language can boost your long-term neurological health

Source: DPHHS –

Bilingual people are less likely to experience any neurological health issues, as well as dementia. In fact, they will develop this state 5 years later than monolingual people. You will also get better at problem-solving and memory quizzes (thanks to the power of another language that constantly boosts and pushes your brain to its limits).

7. Better multitasking

Source: Talkroute

People who speak more than one language can easily switch their tasks and multi-task with anything that comes their way. Your brain is constantly picking up new information and is finding a way to process it and store it. Your brain will stay with the physical environment + will easily monitor what is being said and will understand where something needs to be used.

8. New feelings & experiences


Did you know that one study from the 60s has proven that you can respond in a different way in one specific situation when using a different language and approach?! Responses vary and are different from one country to the other, and that is because each place has different tolerance, traditions, as well as different mindsets across the globe. You can even feel more assertive when you speak one language and sound angry or mad when you speak another.

9. Empathetic levels are high

Source: The Washington Post

Bilinguals are better at expressing their emotions and they are seen as empathetic people because their brain blocks out any filler words from their other language while solely focusing on words & approaches on how to communicate with the person that is in front of them. Their cognitive bias and behavior are a lot different than it is with monolingual people, therefore they are better at appearing kind & friendly.

10. Helps kids with their academic life, goals, as well as development

Source: Active For Life

Last, but definitely not least, some studies have shown that kids who speak two languages are destined for greatness, and they will have better education, as well as a better academic life. In the long run, your kid will experience better education, cognitive function, as well as social skills for years to come! This is why teaching them at a young age is a good and wise move to make, no matter the chosen language!

Ready to learn a new language?

So, do you feel encouraged to start learning a new language? If you’re ready you can learn your second language here and choose from Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish! You can have online private classes, open group classes, or closed group classes. Learn a new language from the comfort of your home and study either on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone! Try out a free online trial class and see how you feel about the process before you commit to it fully.

Written by Anita Kantar

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