How Are Gambling Odds Calculated – 2024 Guide


Are you a frequent player or a gambler who likes to have online fun? If that is the case, you probably already know a lot about gambling odds and how they’re calculated. If you are a newbie mastering this from the get-go is more than crucial. Having betting odds explained will also help you understand how you can make money. Keep on reading and find out more about it down below.

How are betting odds calculated?

The process always begins with a bookmaker who needs to calculate the odds strategically and mathematically. The bookmaker will take into account the previous match history between the chosen category/teams, while also taking a close look at their record, injuries, scandals, and winning streaks. You will notice that most bookmakers will offer similar odds on games themselves, such as football, and basketball, while casino games or slots can vary.

Top 4 key facts to understand

1. Probability


What is the probability of your preferred outcome, and the game that you’re playing? Simply take a close look at rolling dice and any dice-related games to figure this out. Six possible outcomes can occur during one simple throw. There is a 16.67% chance of each of these throws. By doing math, you’re left with your chances and a specific quote that you can win if you bet an X amount of money.

2. Chances

What are your chances like? When trying to calculate your chances, this all comes down to multiplying the odds by your stake. For example, a $10 bet at odds of 6/1 that wins will see you collect $60 in winnings, plus your $10 stake returned, so $70 in total. Aim for high chances that suit your gameplay, and budget.

3. Profit margin


One thing is for certain when it comes to casino or betting games: bookies will always alter odds to make sure that they make a profit. Although you may be left with some luring and amazing bonuses, you are still looking at a better deal for the bookie. Always aim for a good site that does great games and has awesome deals for its players.

4. Odds will move up or down

Do you know that odds often shift and change in the lead-up to a race or a match? This is because odds change according to betting patterns made by the players. This is why one serious or heavy bet can make a difference in your game and its outcome. You need to watch out for this when shaping your betting strategies.

Where to have a lot of online fun?


If you’re truly looking for the best casino online make sure to read the reviews and browse through your options! Do not give it a go with random and untrustworthy sites. In fact, you’re going to enjoy a ton of different welcoming bonuses, fast payouts, as well as the diversity of all the fun games as you find your new favorite online casino.

Written by Bobana Hemun

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