The Future Of BIPOC News: Trends And Predictions For The Next Decade


According to the US Census Bureau, the BIPOC trends have shown a positive turn. In 2020, the Census showed that there had been a significant surge in the number of people of color. If you see the numbers, you will notice that more than four out of every ten Americans are not white.

As per the BIPOC news trends, there has been a dramatic change in the quantum of colored people, which is more amongst young people. There has been a rise in the growth of diversity, and the reaction to it manifests the growth only that helps in the fight to ban the teachings related to critical race theory and fight for the efforts so that racial minorities do not face any hardships to vote.

What Do The Trends Suggest

The term BIPOC is used to acknowledge people of color and indigenous people who face different levels of injustice. According to Google Trends, the use of such acronyms was high, and the rise can be traced back to May 2020. The trends coincided with the Black Lives Matter movement, which was in full swing after the recent killings of black people, namely George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor.

The change is coming slowly and steadily. The future is showing positive improvement as investments are pouring from myriad sources from community groups and many financial institutions. Hence, this helps in taking a step forward toward laying the groundwork for an equitable future.


Future Trends

If you see the US population, the nation’s workforce is changing and becoming increasingly diverse. According to the US Census Bureau, the groups currently serving as minorities are likely to become a majority by the end of 2044.

Corporate America is catching on with these trends. Be it the TV commercials for interracial couples or improving representation, minority groups have bigger chances of representation in the future.

However, there is room for improvement in the local news. There is a higher need for journalists of color to take charge of leadership. They need both external and internal support to accelerate the pace of growth and development.

It is a basic rule that will work for different functional spheres and improve the chances of expansion of BIPOC news in the future. Be it the newsrooms or any other functional sphere, if they struggle to identify, connect, or covert the audience of color, the best way is to consider employing more people of color in decision-making roles.

However, the coronavirus has taken a major toll on the lives of people of color and their representation in various spheres, followed by their working, employment, unemployment, and requirements in the healthcare sector. Also, the elevated risks prevail, which need timely attention and representation.



The future and fortune of the BIPOC community, their working, and representation look good, with room for improvement at various places. The growth or expansion largely depends on the leaders who can manage the transition of a nation and its people to take charge and transform into a multiracial society.

Written by Anita Kantar

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