How To Find The Best Place To Put Your Air Purifier? 5 Tips


Air purifiers may make the air we breathe inside our houses healthier and more sanitary. To get the most out of your purifier, familiarise yourself with its optimal placement options.

Much discussion has been about how vital air purifiers are to our overall health. However, were you aware that the results produced by two identical air purifiers positioned in the same room but at different locations might vary significantly?

When it comes down to it, everything depends on where you put your air purifier. Determining where an air purifier would function most effectively might be challenging. However, after you have selected the optimal placement for it, you will have better outcomes, resulting in improved air quality.

5 Finest Places To Set Up Your Air Cleaner

You may get the most out of your air purifier by positioning it in the home in such a way that takes advantage of these five tips:

1. Position It Where There Is The Greatest Amount Of Airflow


A large amount of air can be drawn in by air purifiers. Alternatively, it would be beneficial to provide the air purifier with as much air as it can handle for it to clean the air more efficiently. Therefore, it makes sense to position an air purifier near a window, next to a doorway, and particularly on the walls near it.

Pollutants with larger sizes are more likely to be found in moving air. It is because the moving air has sufficient energy to remove particles such as dust, mold spores, and other contaminants. It has the potential to spread throughout our whole home; this is precisely what we want to avoid by using air purifiers such as those manufactured by Winix or Honeywell.

Capturing pollutants close to entrance points, such as front doors or open windows, also provides the first line of defence against external air pollutants that may otherwise be distributed throughout the residence if these pollutants are not contained at entry points.

2. Avoid Positioning The Air Purifier In A Corner

On the other hand, tucking an air purifier away into a corner is not a good idea. As far as airflow goes, that is the spot where there is the least amount. It is important to note that an air purifier will be unable to effectively clean air if it is placed so that it is tucked away in a corner of the room.

The surrounding air could be perfect. While this is true, the air quality in adjacent rooms will be mostly the same if the air purifier is properly positioned so that it is not blocking the windows of adjacent rooms.

Most air purifiers draw a significant portion of their air supply in via the front-facing vents on the units. So if you want to get the most out of your air purifier, keep it away from tight places and corners. It will help you get the most out of it.

Because of the restrictions on the airflow in this area, only a tiny percentage of the cleaned air will be distributed to the rest of the space (sure, the air quality at the corners will be top-notch). In addition, the purifiers shouldn’t be placed in corners because there is limited internal circulation, and the air is obstructed in two directions.

3. Do Not Place Impediments Inside The Air Purifier Vicinity


There is sometimes a tempting amount of vacant space behind the television that may be used to install an air purifier. Do make an effort to fight against this temptation; for an air purifier to operate at its optimum level, it requires a minimum of three feet of room in every direction.

Another issue that often arises is literature. A better quality of air may be found inside thanks to the air purifier. People’s preference to read books outside in the fresh air makes perfect sense when you think about it. On the other hand, we may stack a bundle of books next to an air purifier, which would obstruct its capacity to generate the most airflow possible.

As a general rule, you should strive to offer room to the air purifier. The more room you allow, the simpler and more quickly it will do its task correctly.

4. Steer Clear Of Areas With High Relative Humidity

The air is denser when the humidity is high. The following indicates problems with air purifiers:

  • When heavy air is present, an air purifier consumes more energy in order to generate airflow.
  • The capacity of filters will decrease when exposed to humid air.

There are two spots in our home that we believe would be suitable installation for an air purifier:

  • Kitchen – Because there are so many different smells. If we bring water to a boil in the kitchen, the relative humidity will increase, making it more difficult for an air purifier to do its job correctly.
  • Bathroom – The relative humidity can go above 90% in the shower. The capacity of the air purifier will be pushed to its breaking point by the present humidity level. Mold is often found in highly humid environments and is considered an excellent breeding ground for fungi. As a result, the bathroom is often the first room to show signs of mould infestation.

A dehumidifier is a preferable option to consider in this scenario. However, you may also combine it with an air purifier while not actively using the restroom.

5. Distance It From Electronics


Keeping your purifier away from the area of other home gadgets is occasionally suggested. It is because your purifier could impair the proper operation of the devices or vice versa.

Air purifiers are occasionally reported to create interference on TVs and radios. Moreover, they might interrupt your Wi-Fi signals if put near the router. Therefore, as a general guideline, you should place your air purifier at least 6 feet away from any electrical devices in your home.

Closing Remarks

By shifting an air purifier from the bedroom to the living room and infant room, we are essentially extending access to contaminated indoor air. It may significantly influence how successfully the air purifier is employed. By moving it about, you may make a more substantial impact on the performance of an air purifier than setting it correctly in a single area.

Written by Anita Kantar

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