4 Reasons To Visit Airlie Beach This Holiday Seasons

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“There is nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away”. “The sea cures all the ailments of man”. These famous and deep quotes underlie the meaning and depth of what beaches and oceans mean to people. Beaches are one of the most comforting and fun places you could go to.

It is mainly because of how many shades and personality a beach can have. It can be a somber and energetic sight during sunrise, a jam packed area of fun and good vibes booming throughout the entire day, a somber and beautiful sunset to top it off.

During the nights, you can witness the power and scary nature of the ocean, all while seeing a beauty in nature as you sit on the sandy shores and add another seashell to your collection. The beach is the only such place to give such a wide range of feelings and vibes while retaining its originality. If you want to know more beaches and its tourism, visit harbourcove.com.au to know more.

Beaches have always been a pleasant sight for sore eyes of travellers on the sea. Over hundreds of years, those travelling for months at a time on the ocean find solace in the sight of a beach knowing they can set foot on land again. There is honestly no limit to the things you can do on a beach. Let’s take a look at some of the things you could do on a beach.

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Beach Activities

If you’ve owned an illustration book of various settings, the scene of a day on the beach is definitely something you could’ve come across. Beaches of various countries were a lot more about making dock for first time travellers who would later on become regular trading identities. This was over three centuries ago. Currently with over 90% of the world entirely explored, beaches are mostly already populated by people wanting to spend some leisure time with friends and family. The various activities you could do when you visit a beach are :

  • Sports

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Beach sports are increasing day by day. It is becoming more common for individuals who visit the beach to play sports. You can play various sports on the beach. The most famous is sand football which is a personal favorite amongst Brazilian beaches.

Volleyball, badminton and other sports are played here. All you need is a ball and a net ( although it isn’t really that necessary ). You know what they say, when there’s a will, there’s a way. So we’re pretty sure you’ll have fun with only a ball and your friends.

  • Beach Art

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Beaches are becoming a hotspot for sports and art enthusiasts alike. Sand art is the sculpture or illustrations of individuals or landscapes on wet sand. They are sculpted into the shape of various personalities. You could give it a try and perhaps tap into your artistic talents!

  • Food

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One of the biggest attractions of a beach, you can eat fresh and delicious seafood that is grilled and cooked to perfection. The difference in taste and quality of the fish on a beach in contrast to other regular restaurants is the fact that the fishes that are served to you are no older than a few hours.

Fishermen catch these fishes in the morning and are ready to be cooked on demand for avid beachgoers. It would be a huge loss in your beach visit if you don’t grab a fresh bite of seafood. You get everything from mackerels, shrimps, and other ocean fish.

4 Reasons To Visit The Airlie Beach

Airlie beach is a beach in the continent of Australia. Known for its quality and sheer number of 12000 beaches throughout the entire continent, Australia has the most number of beaches in the world with a lot of beaches there to be world class. Airlie beach is one the best ones in Australia. It is as good as it gets. Some of the reasons you should definitely give Airlie beach a visit are as follows :

1. Climate

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The Australian climate is best known to be below normal tropical climates. This serves as a huge advantage to beach goers as it neither gets too hot or too cold when visited at the right time of the year. It reaches a maximum of around 30-33 degree Celcius during summer and has a perfect 23 degree C during the winters. So it would be best to visit Airlie beach during the months of June and the months leading up to fall.

2. Unique beaches

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Airlie is home to the Whitehaven beach that can only be set foot on through a helicopter or a boat. Yes you read that right. Needing transport to reach a beach on the ocean. Its sandy shores have beautiful white water due to its high content of silica in the sand that stretches for miles across. Truly a sight to marvel at, Airlie yet again gives you another reason to visit.

3. The Great Barrier Reef

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One of the best reasons to visit Airlie beach is to take a look at one of nature’s greatest masterpieces. The great barrier reef is the biggest coral reef accumulation in the world. Coral reefs are beautiful ocean ecosystems created by organisms called corals held together by calcium carbonate. These naturally forming bio structures are truly a marvel of nature as they are present in many vibrant colors and hues.

You can take a look at this reef in person by diving underwater. Looking at the coral reefs is like looking at one of the oldest things in earth’s history. They take over millions of years to form and are very difficult to replenish making this an even more precious sight to see.

4. Food And Pubs

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The greatest motivator to explore new places is easily the food you find. The signature of each place is the food they serve. Airlie beach serves the freshest seafood and has plenty of pubs for you to go pub crawling with your friends. A must visit if you want to have a day of plentiful amounts of food and night full of drinking.

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