How to Take Care of Your Eyelash Extensions

Beauty is the number one thing that ladies focus on today. It is completely normal and useful for them to preserve their beauty. On that occasion, they often visit beauty salons where they can find a huge number of beauty treatments that are affordable and can help them nurture their face, body, and hair. They usually visit beauty salons on weekends because these are the periods of the week when every lady is free from work responsibilities, but also from the responsibilities she has at home. That’s why they make an appointment on Saturday or Sunday at their favorite beauty salon where they enjoy the day.

Yes, they do spend part of the day there. And what do they usually do? So every lady focuses on a different part of her body, but most ladies focus on almost the whole body. They first go there to get a haircut, to dye their hair, to style their hair, to do hair treatment, further they do body treatments such as relaxation massages, anti-cellulite massages, waxing, manicure, pedicure, do and facial treatments such as eyebrow treatment, depilation of a part of the face, facial cleansing, a tattooed permanent make-up, as well as adding eyelash extensions and many other treatments. Lately, eyelash treatments have become especially popular, especially the treatment for adding extensions.

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Eyelashes are the most beautiful part of a woman’s face, women say. They are amazed when they notice that a member of the fairer sex has natural thick lashes. Because they can be manipulated and shaped, every woman wants to have thick lashes. It can be either natural or with the addition of an extension. What exactly is an extension? These are usually silk hairs that are well prepared, are not harmful, and are similar to the ones we all have that are placed on the eyelid at the roots where natural lashes should grow. The price of this treatment is affordable and every lady decides on it if she has a problem with eyelash growth. Yes, ladies often face eyelash extensions due to the use of mascara, so many of them decide to respond immediately to that problem by applying extensions. But what should be done after the extension? This is a question that bothers many women who have had this treatment. If you are one of them, leave it to us because we have prepared an article in which we will prepare you on how to take care of your own extension immediately after the treatment.

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  1. Do not wash the eye area with water for the next 48 hours after the treatment – what every lady should know is that after completing the eyelash extension treatment she must avoid washing her eyes for the next 48 hours. Wondering why this is so? This is because the upgrade is primarily done with a special glue that takes some time to dry completely and attach to the skin for the lashes to look natural. Otherwise, most of the glues are quality and after 12 hours they are already firmly dried, but there are some that are not so good and therefore the recommendation is to be careful for up to 48 hours, say the experts from who have been doing it for many years. with eyelash reward work that has thousands of satisfied clients behind it.

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  2. Avoid touching or plucking the lashes – you should never touch the lashes often. This is not good for the extension itself. Wondering why? Here is a small example. Just remember how many times you pulled one lash with very little effort and it tore off your eyelid. This is because she is gentle. Artificial hairs are still so delicate, primarily due to the fact that they are attached to the eyelid with glue, and not grown at the root of the eyelid. So be careful, nurture, and admire the view you have because the lashes can only make your face more beautiful and more beautiful, and you will enjoy it.

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  3. You will need to brush them regularly with a small brush – what you need to do with natural bristles, you will also need to do with the upgrades. Yes, every lady needs to brush her lashes regularly while she has her own thick lashes so that they are beautiful and luxurious. But not every lady does that, that’s why they are destroyed and fall. Now that you have artificially upgraded lashes, you will need to brush them regularly with a small special brush at least once a day, preferably in the morning before applying mascara on them. And yes, be very careful with mascara, however, those brushes are rougher than the brushes for brushing the bristles.

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  4. Avoid applying oils around the eyes – it is okay to take care of your face regularly, but after doing the silk hair extension you need to be very careful. You need to be especially careful when applying face creams or wrinkles not to apply around the eyes, ie around the eyelids. After applying the extension, you need to pay special attention to that detail because the glue will slowly sag from the fat of the cream, which means that there is a possibility to remove all your lashes. So be careful when applying the cream and everything will be fine with them.

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  5. We recommend that you switch to a satin pillowcase or silk satin pillowcase – once you have done this treatment the best solution for you is to say goodbye to plain pillowcases and switch to using pillowcases that are made of satin or silk satin. The reason is primarily the care of the face, ie the tenderness that these materials provide to the face, but also the tenderness that they can provide after the placement of the extensions. Yes, this is the softest material that will certainly not allow new hairs to fall out.

By following these recommendations and taking them into account, you will take care of your new lashes in the best way, and with that, you will not allow yourself to lose the newly added glow of your face that will captivate everyone around with its beauty. Enjoy the beauty you shine with and show others how much charm lies within you.

Written by Anita Kantar

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