What to Do if You Are Caught in an Online Casino Losing Streak

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Whatever we o in life is completely OK most of the time. It’s all fun and games on XoSlot until that one moment when everything goes sideways.

Gambling is just like that, maybe even worse because gambling is the most aggressive rollercoaster you can ride anywhere. Whether you are gambling in a casino on land or if you are on your computer or smartphone at home, you will have ups and downs gambling, and that is a fact. Gambling makes some of us feel alive. Adrenaline, the expense, and everything other in combination can draw out certain feelings in us that make us ask for more or quit in total. There is a group of people that do not subject to feelings and emotions and gamble for the sheer fun of the game, nothing more.

Having a winning streak in a casino is something we all wish for ourselves, but the reality is that you will most likely have issues with losing streaks winning. Although for a good part of gamblers this isn’t true, there are plenty of us that have experienced a losing streak that we couldn’t get out of. Today we are discussing just that and we will try to advise you what to do if you get stuck in a losing streak in an online casino. If you are still looking for a place where you can play, or get more information try onlineroulette.net.nz.

1. Recognition

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According to some experienced gamblers, a key to beating the losing streak is to see it coming before it comes. This means that you have to recognize the situations that are unfolding before they culminate into a full blow losing streak. Most of you won’t know what we are talking about because for some this comes so sudden and before you know it all your winnings have melted away. One thing that we can surely tell you is that you should always be prepared for a losing streak because it is certainly coming. It is as sure as death itself. Be prepared for it because that is one-half of the tactic. The other thing is to familiarize yourself with casino ratios and RTPs. This way you can nearly pinpoint moments where you will start to lose and stop it before it’s too late.

2. No frustration

The default thing every human being, on the face of Earth, does after it doesn’t get what is expected is getting upset. Some more than others but they are upset either way. Now when it comes to gambling, at some point you will lose and you will get upset. The way that pros handle these situations is by learning to adjust their behavior in a way where losing a game or two or falling into a losing streak does not affect them too much. I mean they are upset, but they have reprogrammed themselves to learn out of those situations instead of getting mad, calling it quits, and then returning after a few days as nothing happened. Learn from these situations, try to predict the next time and you shouldn’t have issues.

3. Bankroll manage like crazy

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Another thing that might help you get out of a losing streak is to have a tight bank management system. This means that you make a tight budget that you can spend over a day, week, or month of gambling, and not a penny more, no matter what happens. Most of us think that we have our gambling budgets straight and that we know what we are doing, but we give in on the first sign of weakness. Imagine this: you are playing for several hours; you have racked in a profit and then you slowly start losing one game at a time. You think to yourself “OK that is it I’m stopping here”. All of a sudden one or two wins make you change your mind, you start going at it and in a split second you are down in the gutter. This is not bank management and this is not how you do it. If you set your mind up on stopping, stop instantly no matter what is happening. If you have a feeling that it is not working out and that you will lose you are probably correct. Listen to yourself and your intuition.

4. Never try to recover loses

The biggest mistake we see in gambling, which usually happens after a losing streak is gamblers putting more money in because they want to recover their loss. They are aware that it is a losing streak but somehow something is stronger and that something pulls them in where they dump ridiculous amounts of cash trying to climb their way on top or at least break even. What they do not understand is that they just dig themselves deeper into a hole that is nearly impossible to get out of. Never try to recover, no matter what. You lost money, fine, dust off, get up and wait for a better day.

5. Lower your bets

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Now, this could be something you might want to do, at least initially and as an experimental thing. If you see that your losing streak isn’t stopping you might want to reconsider lowering your bets to alleviate some of the losses. This can only be a momentary technique and you shouldn’t keep this up for too long because you will achieve the same thing – a loss, but only prolonged. If you continue to lose with lower bets, just call it quits for the day and try tomorrow, it is as simple as that.

6. Breaks

Gambling online from the comfort of your home tends to draw you in and you will most likely lose all notion of time. Since you are comfortable, in a safe environment, warm and cuddly you will forget the time and you will get sucked in so deep. You have to take a break from both gamblings and from starring at a phone or PC screen. This will not only break your potential losing streak but it will give you time to rehydrate, eat, clear your mind and possibly come back with a solution to your problem. Take regular breaks, just like you would if you are gambling in a casino on land.

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