Is There Any Difference Between French And American Roulette?


French roulette is something more and more online gamblers are tilting towards. One might think it is similar to its American counterpart but that is not the case. There are many subtle differences that change the experience of the players as they try their hand out at the game. The main difference is the house edge and how well it plays into the rules of the game which are also somewhat different.

What is French Roulette?


French roulette came into being in the 17th century and was so well received that it eventually made its way into America. This type of game has a low house edge which gives benefit to the players more than its American counterpart. The wheel layout in the French version has numbers 1-36 with a zero pocket.

The numbers when spineed in a clockwise order do not correspond to any recognizable arithmetic pattern and are centered only around the game. One will notice red and black colors alternating and odd/even numbers balanced evenly to create the perfect balance.

What is American Roulette?

American roulette changed the games of the game when it was introduced in the local casinos, apart from the house, other changes included the placement of the numbers. A clear distinction we can see is that there is no odd/even balance to be seen overtly. The numbers 1-36 also include a zero single and double pocket.

What is the Difference?


We have established the major difference in the roulette wheel as the number of pockets. However these pockets also impact the house edge of the two types. French roulette has a house edge of 2.7% while the US counterpart has the house edge more than 5.36%. The house edge directly impacts the chances of a player to win their bets.

The return to player or RTP average is more than 94% in American roulette which seems promising but the French option offers it to be 97.3% of the total bet put in by the player. Because of these disadvantages, players often choose French roulette whenever they have a choice. Many casinos do not offer this choice so it may be helpful in finding the right website while online gambling usa.

Another minor difference which one will notice is how the wheel is designed. The numbers face out in the American version. The european version will have the numbers facing the center. The terms may also be called differently depending on the language.

The Takeaway

We have established that there are significant differences between American and French roulettes on the basis of design and RTP. The house edge is advantageous in the American version for the casino but the player will benefit from the French version where the take of the house is reduced by 1.35%. It is obvious that any professional player or anyone playing for fun will take the odds offered to them by the French version.

Written by Bobana Hemun

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