What Causes Your Face To Age Faster? 5 Things To Avoid

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Aging is a natural process, but your face undergoes various changes when your age increases. The skin becomes rough and fragile. Also, you can spot sagginess on the face and puffiness, especially near the eye area. However, these changes may occur early in some people and later in others. Also, there are chances that these changes occur in fewer proportions when compared to other people.

You can find many things on the skin’s surface, like a thin layer of skin around the temple area, the nose, and the chin. Also, the surface may experience bumps, dark spots, pigmentation patches, and wrinkles. The constant solution to these issues is an age defying cream.

Such creams are helpful when you begin facing aging issues. But what about the things you can do before experiencing such bodily changes?

Every action has a reaction which is true in the case of skincare and aging, too. So, whatever steps you are taking now directly or indirectly impact the face and its condition as you grow. Some steps benefit the facial skin, while others may deteriorate the condition.

If you want to avoid getting into a condition where the aging signs hit before age and begin to change the beauty of your face, here are some things you can avoid.

1. Always Catering To The Cravings

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So, this is an obvious thing that most people are guilty of. Satisfying your cravings is good, but it should be done once in a while. Eating junk every day is not healthy for your body. In the long run, you tend to face issues apart from the common ones like weight gain. When you eat junk, you allow your body to intake certain food items beyond the limit.

Many unhealthy food items include fatty foods, fried items, coffee, and sugar drinks. These look fine once in a while, but more intake of these food items is needed for your face. It can harm your youthful-looking skin and the nervous system and its functioning. Unhealthy food items can induce your body with free radicals that will speed up aging.

2. Don’t Be A Couch Potato

Working out is essential to maintaining one’s facial beauty and not letting the early signs of aging take the front seat. Being a couch potato and doing nothing all day is harmless, but it can cause serious issues with your health. There have been recent researches that show that women belonging to the sedentary lifestyle were older by eight years biologically. Also, it shows a significant age gap between people who work out and those who don’t consider doing any physical activity.

There is a difference between a person’s biological age and chronological age. People with a sedentary lifestyle witness faster aging of their body cells, resulting in the face looking old and dull. Also, there are changes in the DNA structure. Hence, if you don’t want to age quickly, it’s time for you to stop being lazy and begin working out.

3. No Sleep And Too Much Stress

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Are you afraid to see your face with fine lines and wrinkles?

To know the reason behind it, you should look at your routine. If you are experiencing a lack of sleep, it will harm your face. Pulling an all-nighter looks easy and fun with your friends, but doing it often will harm your overall lifestyle, body, and face. Also, it is important to note that it is not about increasing the number of hours you sleep but the quality of sleep you are helping your body with.

If you are not sleeping because of stress, it increases the signs of intrinsic skin in people, resulting in the development of fine lines. Also, the elasticity of the face will reduce. The skin performs the barrier function, which diminishes, and recovery is less.

Increased stress levels reduce people’s satisfaction levels related to their appearance. Also, the increased stress levels in the body impact the facial tissues.

4. Lack Of Water Intake And Not Taking A Balanced Diet

Dehydration is a major issue in people that has a direct impact on the face of an individual. Also, lack of water intake in the body leads to body dryness. When the body gets dry, especially the face, it creates patches that keep bulging, especially when you wear makeup to step out of the house. If you don’t take the right amount of water, the skin also loses its natural oils. The face looks dull and emits a lackluster complexion. You can see the emergence of the following symptoms on your face:

  • Itchy and red patches on different parts of the face
  • Dull skin and no glow on the face
  • Sensitive skin
  • Wrinkles, saggy skin, and fine lines

Hence, you must help your body with the right amount of water intake and a balanced diet. You can drink 2-3 liters of water each day and have your proteins and green vegetables as an essential part of your diet.

5. Not Doing Weekly Facial Cleaning

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Your face witnesses the wrath of the weather and dust every day. It needs cleaning and pampering at all costs. It is optional for you to spend money on a beauty professional to get the cleaning done. You can do it yourself. You should take your time with the cleanup process. You should spend one hour of your Sunday cleaning your face, which includes a scrub, a relaxing massage, and a rejuvenating scrub.

Initially, it will take a lot if you don’t have a habit. But, once you develop a habit, you will love the freshness your facial skin feels and emits after such therapeutic sessions.


Aging is a natural process, and you should embrace it with open arms. However, no one likes this process if it comes before time, especially at one’s own disposal. There are several ways to cater to the body’s requirements that will help restore your skin and delay aging to the extent you can.

Written by Anita Kantar

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