3 Easiest Raid Bosses in WoW Shadowlands

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We do not want to annoy the fan base or to start this article the wrong way. No, this is not our attention. The first fact is – there are no easy bosses in the World of Warcraft. Shadowlands didn’t come to fruition to make it easy for the players who cherish this game. Blizzard Entertainment puts too much effort into the development of WoW that not even the smallest aspect of the gameplay could be deemed as easy. No, this is not how they do things. So, now that we’re clear on this, we can move on.

We’ll assume no one was insulted, so we’re going to put a little metaphor upfront. While there are no easy opponents, there’s such thing as power scaling. Do you read One Piece? Their fans do a lot of power scaling. Who’s the strongest, The Yonko, Admirals, Strawhats, Shichibukai, or Revolutionary Army? Those questions don’t matter too much to the fans of the World of Warcraft unless you’re a fan of both franchises. What they do have in common is the scale of power. So, while there’s no easy opponent in the WoW Shadowlands, some are deemed as difficult, while others are seen as easier, but only compared to the most powerful bosses.

Now that we have set the record straight we can start talking about the three easiest raid bosses in WoW Shadowlands. There aren’t too many that fit into this category, but we’ll single out those that we found not too competitive. If you disagree with our assessment of the gameplay, you’re free to comment on it below this article. We have no objections. You can even change your mind, and we’ll update the article. Let’s start with the easiest one.

1. The Jailer

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While he has a powerful name that sounds like it could take over your soul, this is not like that at all. One of the first raids in the Shadowlands is called The Sanctum of Domination. It justifies its name as you can easily dominate the bosses located there. No matter how hard you think about it, you won’t remember the easiest raid than this one. The whole level contains ten bosses, but they’re so easily beatable that we won’t even mention their names. No, the final boss here, The Jailer is our subject and thus we named him as the weakest link in the World of Warcraft Shadowlands. When you bring a nicely equipped raid to his quarters, he’s easy to beat as taking candy from a baby. If you’re a beginner in this domain, you’re better to start this raid in normal mode, despite the option of Heroic and Mystic modes being at your disposal. Once you start playing this level and face the jailer you’ll, understand why it was precisely him the first boss on our list. He’s so weak that you probably won’t need help from WoW Boost.

2. Sire Denathrius

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This is yet another weak boss, but he even has one major weakness, so if you play your cards the right way, you might not even have to fight him. Castle Nathria raid is where you’ll face the Sire Denathrius. This boss is found in the castle which is located at the Ravendreth. The place is massive, and you can see it from every corner of the map almost. Just like in the example above there are ten bosses, all of whom are nothing much. Most players who handled this map and all of the bosses might argue that it’s not all that easy considering its length. But, as we said, what about if you avoid the fight? Yes, that’s possible. All you need to do is to fight and kill Sludgefist four times. After the kill, you need to get a hold of his head, and the work is done. Once this is done, the raid in this chapter is off and you don’t have to face any of the other bosses. It is because of this that this raid on the whole is seen as an easy one. Also, you know what Sun Tzu says: “The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.” This is what makes Sire Denathrius an easy boss to beat.

3. Lord Chamberlain

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Chamberlain is a Lord only in name. there’s nothing Royal about him, and the raid where he’s the final boss is nothing to be afraid of. He’s part of the Halls of Atonement Raid and his dungeons are seen as one of the easiest to handle in the whole universe. Once upon a time this place was better known as the Ravendreth Cathedral. Its location is the center of the region and it is easy to reach. Once you’re in the dungeon the groups of payers in the raid are split and roam the place at free will. Before facing Lord Chamberlain, you need to fend off a couple of his minions but they’re all nothing to scoff at. Even when the Lord himself appears you still have nothing to fear if you’re coming in strong with your crew. What makes this raid worthwhile is that once the Lord drops dead you’ll receive the Fragments of the Sinstone as a gift. This is a valuable asset to have at your disposal later. Not even the pre-mission called the Abuse of Power manages to make anything regarding this raid interesting. When we sayeasy, we have Halls of Atonement Raid on our minds.


We’re not going to waste any more words on the weaklings of the WoW universe.  The chances are we’re going to offend someone and we don’t want to do that. Yes, you can say every raid and boss has its charms but there three we listed above are nothing to talk about in lengths. Even if you’re a rookie playing Shadowlands for the first time, these three will be nothing more than a training session for the things to come later. Our advice would be – keep on playing, play hard, and never stop. Then come back and tell us which boss was the easiest one for you to handle.

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