MLB Teams You Can Rely On For Your Bets 


Sports betting can be a little intimidating for newcomers who just want to place a few wagers and win a little. Even if you’re an avid watcher of a specific type of sport, placing money on a game often feels risky, as anything can happen on the field. This is exacerbated when watching Major League Baseball as there are so many different metrics and statistics that you can wager money on. This makes it difficult to decide on a bet.

The upside of having a whole lot of measurable metrics in the sport, however, is that it is possible to determine which teams are the most profitable when it comes to betting and which are the most likely to win any given match. This guide will provide you with three teams you should start your betting career on, as the past has proven that they are extremely profitable and reliable teams when it comes to placing bets.

The Baltimore Orioles


The Orioles of Baltimore are not, and have never been most successful team in the MLB. In fact, many people consider the Orioles to be a mid-range team that is semi-reliable when it comes to getting the results they’re expected to get. Except, this is not what the bookies say when it comes to betting on the Orioles historically.

The past has shown the Orioles to be one of the best, and most profitable teams to bet on when it comes to smaller and safer bets. This makes them the perfect team to follow if you’re looking to get into MLB betting. You can almost always predict which games the Orioles are going to win and which games they are going to lose. This predictability has made them a reliable and profitable team to bet on.

New York Yankees


The New York Yankees are arguably the most popular and most successful baseball team when it comes to worldwide fame and on-the-field win rate. They’re one of the richest teams in Major League Baseball. As such, they have assembled a squad that mirrors some of the great teams of their past. The Yankees have been and always will be a good team, which makes them a safe and profitable team to bet on.

If you’re looking to make small bets, with small winnings, basically the professionals will simply tell you to bet on the Yankees winning, and more often than not, you will make a little bit of money.

LA Dodgers


The LA Dodgers have been described by many MLB fanatics as the greatest team of the modern era, assembling some title wins that have been argued to be the greatest of all time. If you’re looking at MLB picks, you’re likely to see them mentioned time and time again.

They’re a great option if you want to bet on a single team making it to the playoffs or to the World Series. In a nutshell, the LA Dodgers are your safest bet, even if they’re not the most exciting.

Written by Anita Kantar

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