Journey to Hell: Tim Chey’s Best Film Ever


Do you like movies that are based on religion? Then you must watch Journey to Hell, because it is one of the best movies ever with this theme. Famous director Timothy Chey guarantees you incredible fun, because you will get completely lost in the story of the real biblical hell. It is one of those stories that leave no one indifferent. Apart from excellent direction, acting and screenplay, the film also has excellent music.

Journey to Hell

It is a movie that will be shown in even 50 states in the coming period. So, for over ten months it will be shown in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Honolulu, Denver, Colorado Springs and other cities during the year. The film is very specific, because you will see Christianity from a slightly different angle. Until now, you could watch a lot of movies with this theme, but Journey to Hell is different from the others. In this story, Jesus will talk more about hell than heaven. Don’t let this fact spoil your impression, because it is based on one of the best classic novels.

Movie plot


It all starts with waking up. The spotlight of the Journey To Hell Movie is on a man who is drowning and dreaming of going to hell at the same time. However, he wakes up and experiences a huge change. What you will see in this movie is not taught in church. He will inspire and motivate you to become a better version of yourself, just like the main character in the story does. In that case, you won’t have to go through real biblical hell like he did, because you’ll learn a lot from the movie itself.

What is interesting about this hell is the composition of the people waiting for the man. It is filled with real characters like Hitler, Zodiac killer and others. The point of the story is that Jesus will save everyone from evil. It is probably clear to you that very dynamic content awaits you, especially at the end of the film. Don’t worry, because you will enjoy a happy ending even though you have to go through all the darkness of hell first.

Motives for filming

Tim Chey has made several Christian films and you must be wondering what makes Journey to Hell stand out. The main reason is that many Christians do not actually believe in hell. The team felt the need to create a film that talks about exactly that. He first declares himself as an evangelist, and only after that as a filmmaker. It is considered obligatory to describe hell to people, but not to scare them. His message is very strong and his goal is to simplify this difficult as hell subject to understand. In the end, he is only a redeeming bridge for man who must come to God.



The author of the film in this collection did an excellent job and managed to cope with this task. They are so impressive that you will definitely not stop it halfway. A must see movie for all those who like simple scenarios with big messages. So don’t forget that the movie starts showing in theaters from July 29, 2023.

Written by Rhona Ferreira

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