iPod Show: iPod nano Redone, but Other iPod Units Just Get Modest Refresh.

By Richard Menta 9/9/09

The biggest news at today's Apple show-and-tell is that Steve Jobs is back and recovering well from a liver transplant several months back. Otherwise, this fall's unveiling of the latest iPod units was a bit disappointing as only the iPod nano was given a full rework.

With all of the talk of the iPod touch receiving a camera it is the iPod nano that gets the video pickup installed. Now it will be even easier for celebrity-obsessed fans to follow Paris Hilton into the bathroom and...ummm...snap a few pics over the stall door. The nano also gets an array of features that have appeared on other portables for years, but until now were unavailable on an iPod. This includes an FM tuner - standard FM, not HD radio capable like the Microsoft Zune HD - and a microphone. The iPod nano also gets an internal speaker and a new 2.2 inch widescreen display. The 8GB nano sells for $149, 16GB for $179. As for the other iPod players the upgrades were minor.

iPod Touch: The iPod touch will now cost $199 for 8GB, $299 for 16 GB, and a 64GB version can be had for $399. It adds Open GL/ES.

iPod Shuffle: New colors for the shuffle, pink, green, blue, silver and black. $59 for 2GB and $79 for 4GB. New headphones incorporating a shuffle compatible remote will soon be available. A special edition version is also updated

iPod Classic: Not killed as many pundits expected. Not only is the last HD-based iPod now thinner, it has a whopping 160GB of spaces for $249.

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