iPhone Prior Art - 1966 Sementa Portable Phonograph Telephone

By Richard Menta 4/4/08

It seems the merging of a mobile phone device and music player goes back a little farther than we thought. While perusing through eBay I came across this little item, an approved patent actually. Think of this device as the iPhone of 1966. Patented by an individual or company named Semanta, it is the earliest known musically-endowed mobile phone I know of.

Of course, Bell Labs was experimenting with radio telephony back in the 1940's and Ericsson launched the first fully automatic mobile phone system in Sweden in 1956. Still how practical is patent 25015 when you consider the smallest recordings in those days came on 45 RPM discs. The iPhone still has the convenience factor going for it.

Considering that patent 25015 is long expired it is safe the say we won't be seeing any patent trolls trying to squeeze mobile phone makers for overdue fees. Still, it makes me wonder if there are any elements to this little curiosity that serve as prior art to presently valid patents for the iPhone, Razr, whatever.

1966 patent 25015: Sementa Portable Phonograph Telephone
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