Creative MuVo T100 MP3 Player

By Richard Menta 9/26/07

Take the recently shipped Creative Zen Stone, stretch it out a little bit and give it up to 4GB of capacity and you have Creatives new MuVo T100. The MuVo T100 is going for that cross between the iPod Shuffle and the previous generation iPod nano - no screened basic unit that is thin, lean and fits easy in the pocket.

Creative's MuVo T100 is essentially a flash drive with music playing capability. The T100 weighs in at a little over half-an-ounce encased in a shell that is three inches long, one inch wide and a third of an inch thick. The T100 comes in four colors; black, white, blue and pink and gets 10 hours of play time on the charge. The T100 plays MP3, WMA and WAV files. The player ships the end of October and will retail for $59 for the 2GB player and $99 for the 4GB unit.

Creative MuVo T100

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