Philips Targets iPod nano With New MP3 Player

By Richard Menta 6/15/06

As we continue through to the end of Spring with the solstice upon us and look to the last group of summer MP3 portables finding summer release Philips has introduced its latest entry. Two actually, aimed squarely at the iPod nano in size and capacity.

The Philips GoGear SA9100 and SA9200 hold 1GB and 2GB of memory respectively, other wise they offer the same feature set. Both units offer an FM tuner paired with a voice recorder. Rechargeable batteries gather 14 hours of playing time and the touchpad is backlit for nlow light navigation. The display offers a color screen for viewing album art and family photos, otherwise nothing to differentiate it from the nano.

The GoGear SA9100 will retail for $150 and the SA9200 will sell for $200, matching the iPod nano's price points. Release date of this unit may not be until early September, which means this unit really should not be classified as a summer player, but a candidate as the first portable for our iPod Killers for Christmas list, which will be released sometime in October.

Philips GoGear SA 9200

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