iPod nano Sales Hot

By Richard Menta 11/28/05

Despite the complaints about how easy these players scratch up, iPod nano sales are very strong this holiday season. We are not even in December yet and already CNET is reporting that both the black and white versions of the 4GB nano have sold out at Best Buy.

Meanwhile, the 2GB black nano is the 6th best selling electronic device on Amazon with the white nano holding the number 10 spot, suggesting that all iPod players combined top Amazon's sales in this group. Overall, pundits are expecting 12 million iPod's to be sold this season with the iPod nano successfully taking over for Apple's previous top seller, the microdrive-based iPod mini.

The 4GB iPod Nano is available on Amazon

The question is will Apple be able to keep the iPod nano on store shelves throughout the holiday season? The same goes for other iPods, though with all iPod models Apple practices just-in-time manufacturing so the flow of players should continue throughout the month of December. That said, put your orders in early on Amazon to make sure an iPod is marked for your Christmas tree.

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The 30GB iPod Video is available on Amazon

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