Kazaa Founders Launch New Secure P2P Technology

By Jon Newton 6/6/03

That's the header on a June 6 business press release from Joltid, the original management and development team behind KaZaA and the FastTrack network, announcing PeerEnabler.

"We expect to see PeerEnabler as widely used as Kazaa, over time," says Niklas Zennstrom, founder of Joltid and co-founder of Kazaa.

PeerEnabler is a content distribution platform, including the p2p networking software component that's, "currently being downloaded by web users and will shortly be delivered to and used by tens of millions of consumers," says Joltid, going on that the new software will create the world's, "largest and fastest distribution platform - a network whose capacity greatly exceeds other server-based content distribution networks".

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Zennstrom adds, "What we are doing is essentially establishing a new secure transport layer on the Internet, one that is much more powerful and scalable than anything previously available."

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