Archos AV380: 80GB Portable CinemaBox

By Richard Menta 10/15/03

Archos has announced its two latest flavors of its groundbreaking line of digital movie/music portables. Recently, we did a full review of the 20GB Archos AV320 digital audio/video recorder and found it to be a milestone player. It set new standards for a digital media device and furthered a new category the company invented with the Archos Jukebox Multimedia last year.

The new models aredubbed the AV380 and the AV340 with 80GB and 40GB respectively. Both are identical to the AV320 with the exception of the larger drives. Considering that full movies can easily take half-a-gig of drive space, the new models will be welcome to those who look to keep a sizeable collection in one place.

The Archos AV320 digital audio/video recorder is available on Amazon

The new units don't come cheap though. Archos is debuting the AV380 for a stiff $900 and the AV340 for $700. This falls into the AV320's present price point of $600, a pricepoint that squarely position this line of players for the Hammacher Schlemmer set. If you want uber toy look no further.

For the rest of us mortals, expect price drops post christmas when competition from RCA, Rio, and possibly the Apple iPod appear. This is a new afluent niche for manufacturers so if you can't afford it today, in a few years such devices will be as common as straight MP3 portables are today.


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