Law Students Reply to Napster Case - 4/24/00

Dear Chad,

I represent the Law Students Saving the Internet (LSSI). Your powerfully charged and seemingly sided letter was not only inaccurate but full of faulty legal conclusions. Specifically, you mention how 90% of Napster users are using Napster for illegal purposes. What illegal purposes?? For this to be deemed illegal the current electronic copyright laws will have to be changed. This issue has not been decided by a court yet and your rhetoric regarding "piracy", "illegal purposes", "copyright infringement", and the like is doing nothing but instilling a bad image on Napster, Internet users, and your own organization.

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I ask that before you make such high powered assertions you understand the issues and "whole" picture. Just because Metallica's lawyer files a suit in Federal Court against Napster and the various Universities does not mean that such a suit has any Merit. As Metallica and RIAA filed a several count suit (Including a Racketeering allegation against the universities which is a pathetic attempt to somehow join some "deep pockets" into the lawsuit), the fact remains that most of these Counts will likely be thrown out by pre-trial motions.

Metallica and RIAA's attorney's may have joined all these universities in the lawsuit but what they may not have realized is that all the schools named in the lawsuit have high profile law schools, of which, many of the students are Napster users. Expect a diligent fight!

Furthermore, as far as your organization's endorsement of Napster, I think they will survive without you.


Dave Dolendi
President, LSSI


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