iPod Playlist April 16, 2007

Here is this month's iPod playlist. Most links go to full song on YouTube.

Straightener Berserker Tune   Proof that impassioned garage band rock is thriving in Japan. Link goes to full song on YouTube
Straightener Killer Tune   More Straightener. Tell me again why they are not pushing THESE guys on FM radio? Link goes to full song on YouTube.
Josh Ritter Kathleen Hello Starling I'm a sucker for a Hammond B3 organ.
Annisteen Allen Fujiyama Mama   I've been into this prototype rock kick lately.
James Hunter People Gonna Talk People Gonna Talk Brit with a penchant for early 60's soul pulls it off with a retro album of originals that get the details right, proving they can still make music like they used to.
Louis Jordan Saturday Night Fish Fry   Listening to Louis Jordan's greatest hits from the 30's and 40's. Jordan was in his 60's when he did this performance, sometime near 1970.
Robert Randolph Thrill of it Color Blind  

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