Internet Radio Deezer Neutered

By Richard Menta 12/3/07

I have been a fan of Deezer for a couple of months now. For those unfamiliar with Deezer it's a French Internet radio site that allows the user to select the playlist of tracks they want to listen to rather than just listen to a pre-programmed list. This is not a feature you will find on the US Net radio stations, because the major labels will refuse to sign an agreement with any Internet radio service that allows the consumer to self-progam. It's the same old story from the majors, they feel if consumers are empowered they won't buy CDs yadda yadda...

It was just a few days ago that I was listening to a list culled from several dozen Charlie Parker singles as I labored over a few nagging houshold repairs. No other Internet radio service that I know of allows the user to do this so easily and this put Deezer on the top of my Internet radio destinations. It looks now like the best Net radio station is getting its wings clipped as I sadly learned from an article I picked up from

Deezer launched their service before signing those major label licensing deals. Now Deezer has signed with Sony BMG and removed of all that label's music from the on-demand menu I patronize. Well, not so much removed as grayed out so while you can see them, you can't play them. Needless to say, when I called up the Charlie Parker tracks this time they were all grayed out. Internet radio interuptus.

Oh well, all for trying to learn about the origins of Be-Bop. Just another step back for innovation and Internet radio.

Screen shot from Deezer. Gray don't play.
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