Deezer Down

By Richard Menta 8/28/07

We have been playing with Deezer the last few days and immediately it became our favorite web radio destination. Why? because Deezer allows you to do something the labels won't let US webcasters do thanks to the DMCA, allow users to select the track they want played. The labels don't want such a feature as they fear it will undermine sales and prohibit it as a condition of any agreements they sign. The problem is that while the French service has signed an agreement with SACEM, France's royalty collection organization for songwriters and artists, it has not yet signed a deal with the major labels. This has sparked the usual cries of infringement with Universal Music announcing on Friday it will take all steps to remove its music from the site.

Today we attempted to log onto Deezer only to find it unavailable. Is this just a technical issue or was the site taken down? Maybe, Deezer was forced to take a cue from TorrentSpy and block out all American originated IP addresses. We'll have to wait and see. Just bear in mind that the service Deezer offers is superior to the one offered by US-based Webcasts and it's features should be mimicked, not barred from users.

Hopefully, the service returns soon.

Update: Deezer just posted on its site that it is down for maintenance and will be up tomorrow morning.


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